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What is stall?

strapping someone while in a tiny room and whipping them with a love whip

are you stalling catherine tonight?

i believe so.

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Stall - what is it?

n. the condition of a hacky sack being stopped in motion by resting it on some part of the body.

v. to stop the motion of a hacky sack by resting it on some part of the body.

self-explanatory case here

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What does "stall" mean?

Used to describe a heavy chill session round your mate's house (instead of heading off to work). Almost always followed by a shisha.

'Alright mate'
'Yeah, not to bad'
'You wanna stall for a shisha?'
'Sick one'

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Stall - what does it mean?

When two bowls are being passed around the room in opposite directions and one person keeps getting Jet-lag they may decide to stall one of the bowls so they can catch their breath.

Andy: Dude, I'm getting such bad Jet-lag, stall that bowl so I can catch my breath.

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Stall - meaning

to square off and punch someone in the face. NYC usa

yo he tryed to punk me, i had to stall on him; yo you gona take that ? yo stall off!. i cant belive you stole on a cop, your nuts!.

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Stall - definition

All the above is true. Operationally, a stall happens when you slow the airplane down and increase the angle of attack over the wing so it is no longer producing lift. Student pilots practice doing them so they know how to get out.

It is not particularly dangerous to do stalls if you are careful about it, but I find them to be rather uncomfortable. There is a possibility of going into a spin if the pilot doesn't pay attention. But that, too, can be recovered from.

The other day I did a power-off stall. I slowed the airplane down, applied full flaps, then reduced power. I raised the nose untill it buffeted, then the wing lost lift and the nose dipped. I lowered the nose some more and applied full power and flew away.

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Stall - slang

when a driver in manual transmission drops the clutch too fast or put the car in too high a gear at low speeds and causes the engine of the car to shut off.

Damn you suck at driving stick. You just stalled out.

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To stop agressive speech/behavior toward an individual. Usually when such behavior is considered unjustified or questionable, "stall" is used as a request for the agressor to calm down the rash behavior.

"Stall him out, it's cool."

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To go or wait somewhere for someone/something.

"stall it down to my gaff for a few cans"

"im on my way, stall it"

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