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What is the wing?

Wing : Verb

To not try your hardest doing something; to try random things and hope you will suceed. Usuallly because of low probability of trying hard and suceeding.

Man, im just gonna wing it on the English test. I didnt study at all!

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the wing - video

The wing - what is it?

Old western term for being shot and killed and sent to the afterlife.

"Who's that stumbling around in the dark? State your business, or prepare to get winged!" - Django Unchained

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What does "the wing" mean?

1. Going with the flow
2. Hittin' that

1. I'm just winging it.
2. I was totally winging that.

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The wing - what does it mean?

To do something without preparing for it, like writing an exam without studying or playing football without a strategy.

fuck working hard just wing it

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The wing - meaning

to improvise with little preparation

When he was asked a question about the budget, it was clear that he was winging it and was unprepared for the question.

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The wing - definition

To do something on the spot or without preparation.

Batman: We'll wing it...

That's a bat-pun.

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The wing - slang

One of many contrived words that can be used when real words just aren't good enough.

This example uses the action verb form of the contrived word winge.

He's been whinging about the cold weather all day. Duh!!!

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The wing

To do something with no preparation

I slept through the lecture so when the quiz came, I had to wing it.

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The wing

The most beautiful, nice, loyal girl you could ever met! If you ever met a wing wing in life, don’t miss you chance cause you will regret it forever!

That girl over there is an angel, she is such a wing wing.

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The wing

When sails are extended on both side whilst sailing downwind.

"Look dad, we're going wing on wing!"
"I am proud of you, son."

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