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What is non-binary?

Someone who identifies as something other than a binary gender. The binary genders being male and female.

I'm agender, so I am non-binary.

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Non-binary - what is it?

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i am non binary and cool.

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What does "non-binary" mean?

Sometimes refered to as agender. Most simply put, a non binary person is someone who does not identify as a binary gender, a guy or gal.

Non binary people typically use they/them pronouns, but can use she/her, he/him, zie/zer, or any other pronouns they feel comfortable with.

Hello! My name is *random name*, I'm non binary and use they/them pronouns.

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Non-binary - what does it mean?

when a message or sequence is not written as purely 1's and 0's.

01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 is binary but hi is non binary

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Non-binary - meaning

Someone who doesn’t identify with a gender identity on the binary.

Person 1: “Oh! You’re non-binary? That’s so kewl and valid!”

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Non-binary - definition

non-binary fits under the transgender and asexual category.
non-binary means that you are gender non-conformant (hence the word 'binary'). the most commonly used n-b pronouns r they/them, being gender non-conformant. u can still be feminine leaning or masculine leaning while being non-binary; it just means that u feel like neither, & u don't feel like a miscellaneous gender.

enby pal: "mom, i'm non-binary."
mom: "what does that mean?"
enby pal: "it means my pronouns r they/them."

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Non-binary - slang

A array of "genders" that lie somewhere between male and female, which special snowflakes, seeking to stray from the norm, choose to identify as.

Tom: Are you male or female?
Snowflake: Neither. I'm non-binary.
Tom: Well, you're a special one, aren't ya?

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A person who are comfortable with their femininity masculinity but feel dysmorphia /discomfort when referred to as a woman/man therefore uses non-binary terms such as they/them.

-Do you use the terms she/her?

-No, I identify as a non-binary, therefore I use they/them.

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Someone who is neither/not wholly of the binary genders; perhaps somewhere in the middle, entirely outside, partly one or the other, both simulataneously, fluctuating, etc.

These all have proper names but non-binary is an umbrella term for these things.

"The two binary genders are boy and girl, NOT male and female because those are sexes, so non-binary people are not wholly one gender of the other."

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Usually under the genderqueer or transgender umbrellas. when someone's sense of gender is not male, female, or something in-between (androgynous). Includes neutrois, agender, genderless, gender-neutral, and other senses of gender devoid of male or female aspects.

They don't identify themself as male nor female, perhaps they are non-binary?

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