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What is nightie?

Good night! Usually said when it's late into the night.

Nighty-night, me lovelies! Think big now.
(From Wallace & Gromit - The Curse of the Were-rabbit)

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Nightie - what is it?

leet Alliance Wars player, liek!!!11oneoneonetwo!!

NighTi pwns :(

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What does "nightie" mean?

A cute way of saying good night to somebody or group of people.

Nighty night, sleep well now. :)

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Nightie - what does it mean?

A massive emo queer, most usually weeping whilst listening to Morrisey.

< nighty-> OH I LOVE MORRISEY, he makes my lady bits tingle.

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nighty is a term for the joint you smoke before going to bed. It makes you sleep much better

„I smoke a nighty, order some food and turn on Netflix
„ hey bro let's smoke a nighty together„
„ hey bro do you have anything with you?
I have only for an nighty sorry“

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The most amazing person.

That guy is a nighty. He's a top quality guy.

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A cute way to say a good night to your friends, may also be used when you are pissed off and want to annoy them.

Klara: Nighty Artem!
Artem: Night Klara!

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Another shortened version of 'goodnight'. Coined by Fizban in mIRC.

Well, I'm out, folks. Nighty.

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Australian, n, nightdress

I saw his missus in her flannelette nightie mate. Horrible sight that was.

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Female bedclothes with a particularly feminine and sexy design and sensual materials. Intended to accent a woman's sexuality and arouse desire. Often adorned with lace and frills.
Occasionally used by a woman as one of the tools to distract men and get something they want.

Joan usually wore flannel pajamas to bed, but tonight she was a knockout in her revealing, pink nightie.

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