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What is issa dub?

a legendary human who was born to be sexy. Has many different personalties a rough calculating person and also a kind dude with a big heart. Bitches chase him for his Holy cock.

Issa has used his holy hand to spank my ass!!!

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Issa dub - what is it?

Issa is a Ghanaian slang word which is derived from "it is a" normally used in conversation to make it more funnier. It was made up buy a character in a popular Ghanaian series.

My honor Issa sad case.

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What does "issa dub" mean?

Mostly a last name for many hot, sexy, and smart
arab girls. for men and women, you would be hella lucky to even be around an issa!

boy1: yo man i heard dat hot chick is arab
Boy2: yeeeeee, looks like a damn fyne issa to me!

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Issa dub - what does it mean?

A sexy dude who is a beast at everything and looks like a built version of Tom Cruise.

Admirer #1: "I wish I was as cool as Issa"
Admirer #2: "I just wish I could get close enough to smell him..."

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Issa dub

Jesus/God. This word is islamic/muslim

my name is issa

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Issa dub

1. (n.) a person who is willing to do anything for you
2. perfect girlfriend
3. a must have

do you have an issa? :)

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Issa dub

slang term highly popularized by rapper, 21 savage. While describing his forehead tattoo in an interview 21 used "Issa" to say "it's a". 21 has lived a rough life through gangs and danger. He has witnessed his best friends death and has been stabbed. This is what provoked his decision to get a tattoo of a knife on his foreheads. Fans thought the tattoo was a cross but weren't sure so it stroked media. 21 was then asked what the tattoo was and simply said, "Issa knife." After this going public meme pages made fun of 21 and showed no mercy. 21 has lived most of his career getting made fun of because of his past, getting made fun of was no big deal. 21 savage remained insulted because the tattoo had a deep meaning to him and fans made fun of it. He then went to create an album named "Issa" and made light of the situation. The album Issa is the rappers most successful album to date. Let's just say 21 won with "Issa".

"How is your day?"
"Issa good day"

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Issa dub

Popularized by rapper 21 Savage, "issa" is a conjunction of the words "it's" and "a" (pronounced "ah"). Popularly used in 21 Savage internet memes.

DJ Vlad: What does the cross on your forehead signify?
21 Savage: Issa knife.

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Issa dub

Short for "It's A." It was commonly used as slang before the famous 21 Savage interview where he mentioned his knife tattoo.

Int: What does the cross on your forehead signify?
21 Savage: Issa knife.

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Issa dub

Means that your rejecting an ugly guy or girl that wants to get with you

Friend: Girl Jimmy said he likes you

Other girl: yikes issa dub

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