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What is Jimmy?

A member of the male sex who is generally too dumb to use a "jimmy"(condom). A Jimmy is widely known for being irresponsible and never pays his debts (especially his child support).

There goes Jimmy with his deadbeat ass again.

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Jimmy - what is it?

an asshole who fucks with girls feelings only because their boobs are rather large.

Girl: Why are you crying
Girl 2: because the fucktard jimmy spread my nudes to everyone

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What does "Jimmy" mean?

Another word for a very small penis, often confused with a jimmy hat (meaning condom)

Girl 1 My new boyfriend Steve is such a great guy but there is one really small problem.
Girl 2 What's is it?
Girl 1 He's got a Jimmy
Girl 2 Aww, that's too bad, I'm sure u will find a Jeremy.

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Jimmy - what does it mean?

Jimmy is another word for a lil bitch.

Don't be a Jimmy , bro.

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A highly attractivee person. Someone who is caring, loving and will always be there for you. any girl would be lucky to be dating a jimmy. also very sexy and erotic. You'll easily fall in love with his personality.

"I wish i could find myself a jimmy, because all other guys are jerks"

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A person who likes to give firm handshakes.
He also likes to jerk the turkey.
He is addicted to welches fruit snacks.

"Jimmy, I don't feel like a firm handshake today"

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Really cute Italian boy who is super funny and has a good personality. He has the cutest smile, unique eyebrows, a nice hair style, and gives the best hugs. He’s a great guy and all but he’s a unpredictable savage who won’t let someone mess with him.

That Italian dude Jimmy is fucking crazy

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A person who's name is used in every situation. Usually blamed on.

Give him little Jimmy.
Jimmy whip.
Oh mah God its Jimmy! Campbell

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An amazing person at heart. He will care about you like your part of his life from the moment he meets you, as long as you have a kind heart as well. He would make an excellent husband because he's caring, halarious, handsome, and overall a great guy. Not only would he be a great husband but an even better father to a few kids.

Jimmy is probably the best guy I will ever meet, I wouldn't even be able to dream of someone better!

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Perfection in human form. Really, just a God among a sea of unworthy beings, like seriously. Will make you smile until your face hurts and your heart so full it feels like it's going to burst. He will be the strongest addiction you've ever had, you will just never get enough. His steel blue eyes will take your breath away and you'll feel like you'll never catch it again. His laugh will make your knees weak and his smile will drive you to do anything to make sure it stays on his man-beautiful face. You'll never find a combination of 26 letters to define how incredible he is.

Every guy ever, "Man, I wish I was more like Jimmy, he's so man-beautiful."

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