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What is hotel?

originally a Hotel Bar - a place where men would go after work and get as pissed as a 2 bob watch then stay the night at one of the many top floor rooms provided, but times have changed and most Hotels are now discoteques and cafe bars, although the few that still remain in there original form are places where drunken unemployed bums spend there days drinking rather than trying to find work, at night there are darts competitions

The Albion Hotel

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Hotel - what is it?

A towel, typically stolen from a fashionable or expensive hotel, worn around the neck to mop up persiration and as a display of personal status.

Question: "Dutchy, where you get that hotel?"
Answer: "The Marriott."
Reply: "Noice!"

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What does "hotel" mean?

The hotel i work in would be perfect were it not for the grapefruit obsessed, verbally redundant ass clowns who's main purpose in life seems to be to aggrivate me by spending 10percent of their lives being complete wankers and the other 90percent crawling around on their hands and knees looking for the light switch 'cos their haeds are so far rammed up their backsides

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Hotel - what does it mean?

The place where you tell stuff to hoes.

Ima get down to the hotel to talk to my hoes.

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A woman who has many sexual partners and communicates their names to many

Don't knock da boots wit her cuz that HOTEL.

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1. A place where you are fucked either way.
If your customer is angry/happy(i mean sexually excited) he fucks you & if your employer is angry/happy(refer the previous meaning) then your seniors fuck you.
2. replica of hell on earth if you are a good person
3. A place where politeness is taught impolitely

1. Wife - Dear, is there any way i can be fucked everyday?
Husband - Ya sure, why dont you join my hotel?

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Chill place to work if you can shake off the shit cranky bastards throw your way for easily remedied inconveniences. Also a place where parents bring their hot ass 17-18 year old daughters durring college preveiws time. Score!

girl you wanna come to my hotel?

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Ebonics for Ho Tell

"I gave my ex crabs and the HOTEL everyone"

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A place you never want to work.

The woman bitched at the hotel clerk for nothing.

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┬┐Hotel? Trivago.

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