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What is hoes?

When a sum amount of people are interested in you

“You got hoes

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Hoes - what is it?

dirty ass stds bitchies that like people name xavier

look its a. hoes

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What does "hoes" mean?

a girl

hi hoes! (a.k.a. girl)

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Hoes - what does it mean?

The way a complete dumb fuck says Hos.

Hey dood! Two mny hoes r on my dik rght now!

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1: Used to describe a female, either to say she is as fine as hell or to insult.
2: Used to describe a total wimp or downright friggin' annoying mutha trucker.
3:...Something you use to loosen the dirt in your yard for planting, well... plants.

1: Man, I banged up those hoes REAL good.
2: Stop naggin' me, hoes! I'm SICK of yo asses!
3: Yeah... I'm grounded so I have to do yardwork with these hoes. Wanna help?

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1. Heavily . Ominous . Ever-present . Sluts

2. Prostitutes with no monetary focus

- Why would I focus on hoes when I could be making money?

- You will never better yourself if you continue to chase these hoes.

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Nasty ass bitches that would do anything to get some skeet drippings in their mouth.

Hoes: I wnna lick your lollipop.
Man: Excuse me
Hoes: What is that a problem. I want some JUICE...

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Garden tools. Also, a term used by most dumb teenagers used to describe girls who engage in sexual conduct.

"Hey, the new freshmen are major hoes. Man I'm gonna tap them asses."

"See these hoes? Put 'em back in the toolshed when you finish using them."

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slutty females

they go out of their way to have sex, or other sexual activities purely for attention

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fine-ass,dick-sucking,cock-loving females.

eyy nigga, check dem hoes out

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