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What is heels up?

A term baddies use for playing/using a guy. Meaning they get all pretty, flirt with you, maybe even have sex with you in order to just get something they want.

Emily: we have no booze for tonight

Caitlin: looks like we gotta heel up, tell tony he can come over tonight if he buys for us

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Heels up - what is it?

An aged slut often dressed in provocative and or revealing clothing along with open-toed high heels (with straps) a size or two too small creating instant hammertoe.

Tom's mom is a pumped up heel because she tried to grab my dong under the dinner table. She smells like poon and hairspray.

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What does "heels up" mean?

A reference to the promiscuous, whorish actions and behavior during the political rise of projected vice president-elect, Senator Kamala Harris.

It is common knowledge that she acquired this nickname during and after her affair with then San Francisco mayor, Willey Brown and subsequent placement in the California Medical Assistance Commission. This paved the way for her run as San Francisco DA, leading to her job as California AG, U.S. Senator, and now projected "vice president-elect."

Given the abundant corruption, controversy, and disregard for any sort of ethical or moral integrity during her career. One can be sure she provided the same "favors" to numerous power brokers in order to climb the political ladder. This is corroborated by talk amongst D.C. insiders.

(Other nicknames include, "Homala, The Hoe, Camel Toe Kamala, and Cum all over Harris.")

That cum dumpster got passed around like Heels Up Harris did during her rise to the top!

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Heels up - what does it mean?

A Senator from Commieforniastan, fraudulently elected as Vice President.

How long until Heels up replaces the Beijing Big Guy?

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Heels up - meaning

Refers to a woman on her back, usually naked, with her legs spread and feet in the air (i.e her heels are up in the air) and ready to engage in sexual intercourse.

I was hoping he'd fall "head over heels" in love with me, but all he was interested in was heels up, i.e. heels over head.

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