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What is heels up?

A term baddies use for playing/using a guy. Meaning they get all pretty, flirt with you, maybe even have sex with you in order to just get something they want.

Emily: we have no booze for tonight

Caitlin: looks like we gotta heel up, tell tony he can come over tonight if he buys for us

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Heels up - what is it?

An aged slut often dressed in provocative and or revealing clothing along with open-toed high heels (with straps) a size or two too small creating instant hammertoe.

Tom's mom is a pumped up heel because she tried to grab my dong under the dinner table. She smells like poon and hairspray.

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What does "heels up" mean?

Refers to a woman on her back, usually naked, with her legs spread and feet in the air (i.e her heels are up in the air) and ready to engage in sexual intercourse.

I was hoping he'd fall "head over heels" in love with me, but all he was interested in was heels up, i.e. heels over head.

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