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What is edward 40 hands?

A grueling test of manliness where a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor is taped to each hand. The drinker must finish both bottles before removing them from his hands. This game is the ultimate test of manliness, often resulting in projectile vomiting.

We just went to 7-11 to get ten 40's of Steel Reserve and duct tape so that we could play edward 40 hands.

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Edward 40 hands - what is it?

a drinking game in which participants tape a 40 oz. bottle of malt liquor to each hand and can't take a piss until they've finished both.

Friend: "I dare you to do Edward 40-hands with straight vodka in each 40."
You: "No way dude."
Friend: "Ha ha! You bitch!"
You: "OK I'll do it."
(does it, has to get stomach pumped at hospital half way through first 40)
Friend: "Ha ha bitch! Look at you with that tube coming out your mouth. You look like a fucking idiot!"
You: "Shut up, man."
Friend: "Ha ha! What a little girl! You had to go to the hospital. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

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What does "edward 40 hands" mean?

Duct taping 40 ounce beers to each hand.

"Dude Im not gay, he was Edward 40 hands and I had to help him piss"

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Edward 40 hands - what does it mean?

A legend among modern men. His name was edward, and he had 40 hands.

Person 1:

"Dear God, does that man have 40 fucking hands?
Person 2:

"Yes. He is Edward 40 hands."

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Edward 40 hands - meaning

A game designed to intoxicate all participants where 40oz bottles of cheap malt beverages are fastened to each hand by adhesive tapes or super-glue in some cases. The winner will have consumed all liquid in both bottles and usually celebrates by smashing the first bottle to remove it, and using the free hand to urinate into the second. Studies at the University of Colorado in Boulder conclude that the best way to be victorious in this game, without fear of urinating yourself, is to start the game with your penis already un-tucked,out of your pants. Ladies in the study, who opted to go in skirts without undergarments, fared well however did not ever claim a victory.

"You down for a game of edward 40 hands?"

"nah, its too cold to play edward 40 hands"

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Edward 40 hands - definition

When you tape a 40 to each hand and can't take them off until you are finishied drinking them.

I almost pissed myself last night during an intense game of edward 40 hands.

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