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What is can't think?

Trying to explain something to someone and no matter how well or how much you explain they just don't get it or refuse to get it.

"All the evidence shows there was no election fraud but trump supporters still won't believe, you can lead a fuckwit to logic but you can't make them think"

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can't think - video

Can't think - what is it?

A way to call a woman a Cunt in the middle of a fight, without her knowing. Similar to C U Next Tuesday but less known.

Her: You know this is ridiculous you....

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What does "can't think" mean?

cunt similar to "see you next tuesday"

She can't understand normal thinking

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Can't think - what does it mean?

Every single word already had it's own definition.

Seriously i literally can't think of anything creative

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Can't think - meaning

Used on someone who analyses everything in a homosexual way. Can be used on straight and gay, male and female.

John: Yo pete, come in the back!
Pete: Fuck no you fucking homo!
John: What's got HIS dick in a twist?
Bob: Don't you know? He can't think straight...he heard "cum in the back"
John: Damn...thats a serious case!

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Can't think - definition


I can't think of an example,... uhhhhhhh..... llama?

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