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What is buckteeth?

someone that likes to go to brothels

i saw buckteeth charlie at the brothel

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Buckteeth - what is it?

A person with extremely low-esteem, low enough to cut himself to prove to his girl that he loves her, even though he goes to brothels. He loves to compare others to you, especially his buckteeth younger brothers, whom he looks up to, as they abuse him everyday. A person that is so tight, you'd need a crowbar to open his ass. Speaking of ass, his ex-girlfriend took it up the ass all the time, something he wishes he could do on the new one, but can't because she is in complete control of him, meaning, she'd dumped him any time, any where, any place.

"Look at that ho, she must be in complete control of that buckteeth charlie"
"Yeah, you're right, I can see the cuts on his arm"

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What does "buckteeth" mean?

A person with buckteeth, and is of asian background. Vincent Le.

Look at that buckteeth charlie.

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Buckteeth - what does it mean?

any asian male with an inferiority complex

charlie: those chicks are too good 4 us man.. lets go to the brothel instead
phu: oh come on, dont be a buckteeth charlie

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Buckteeth - meaning

Most people think that 'bucktooth' means someone with messed up, disgusting teeth,this is FALSE.
Bucktooth ACTUALLY means when someone has a gap in-between their two front teeth,people think that being called 'bucktooth' is an insult,this is FALSE again,it doesn't mean anything at all,it is NOT insulting in any way possible,it is in most cases a compliment,so people in the 21st century think that being called this an insult,it isn't,your being complimented.

boy-you have buckteeth/bucktooth-
girl-OMG how could you say that?! I thought you were my friend?!
boy-WTF girl i was complimenting you?
girl-oh okay
boy-lmfao your so dumb

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Buckteeth - definition

'Bucktooth' means someone with messed up, disgusting teeth. It is not a compliment.

Look at that ugly bucktoothed dork over there with his buckteeth.

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Buckteeth - slang

The same medical condition gaten matarazzo fuking has

Becky watching stranger things: Hey look at that fat fuck's teeth. they are ugly as hell.
Sydney Watching it with her: yeah he has some big buckteeth.

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