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What is brains?

antoer term for the ballsack - preferably a wrinkly one.

I forgot to zip up and next thing i know, my brains were hanging out for the world to admire.

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Brains - what is it?

As opposed to what dumbass "beezy" is saying, it does not refer to the lights of a car!

Brains can either be "head" ie oral sex or when used in reference to a car it referes to the top (convertible) or lack there of. For example, when someone "buys an old school and blows off the brains", they are simply buying an old classic car and then getting it custominzed to have no roof or to be convertible ! The other variant of this is when you say your car has the titties out = topless

I am so sick and tired to these little white kids listening to hiphop and them having no idea of the slang, but they think they do ! that shit is so fuckin funny and pathetic !

"my 2 seater benz during the summer has the brains blown off"

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What does "brains" mean?

The control center of most living organisms. Usually located in the head area.

That picture of an old man in a bathtub smearing feces all over himself hurts my brains.

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Brains - what does it mean?

A one-hand grip maneuver performed on a scrotum; either your own (usually during the penis showing game), or someone else's (during oral sex, foreplay or cbt). The scrotum is grabbed near the base, squeezing until the skin is tight and the testicles beneath bulge out to form the appearance of left and right "lobes" of a brain.

And right when he walked around the corner, POW! got him with the brains!

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Brains - meaning

remote control device

"pass me the brains...the movie on this channel blows chunks."

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Brains - definition

To recive oral sex.

Eric Caffery gives me brains.

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Brains - slang

The staple diet of the common zombie. Nobody knows why zombies eat human (and possibly animal) brains, they just do. It's their thang.

"Uuhhhhhhh!! Braaaaaainnnsss!!!" - A zombie

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see oral sex.

"she gives good brains" or "i got brains while i was driving".

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oral sex

a slang term coined from the fact that head = brain.

'They call me the scarecrow, cuz I'm lookin' for some brain' - Nick gotta Cannon

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Oral sex

I'm getting brains right now-call back later....

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