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What is big party?

you know you all know her, shes the fat girl at parties who dances all over the place and rubs her fat sweaty titties all in your face. there are mulitiple ways to use this word, and they are a subcultural phenomena. the acronym is BTPG.

BTPG as a noun:
a fat, nasty, dirty, alcoholic, slutty, topless table dancing, nasty titty rubbin party bitch- with sweaty double chins. always has a lisp because the fat on her face forces her mouth and tounge to make her sound even more disgusting.

BTPG as a verb:
drinking obscene amounts of alcohol preceding dancing topless on various objects while rubbing one sweaty titty in anothers face while smelling like 6 shitty cans of shark shit.

BTPG as an adjective:
sharing common qualities of a btpg such as sweaty titties, back titties(sweaty), bowlegged, slutty or in any way displeasing to the penial region.

"you one nasty slut to be runnin up in here hittin on my boo, smellin like aristocrat and body odor, you best get the fuck out of my face you big titty party girl. bitch, bye. "

"gurrrrl, im gonna be a big titty party girl tonight!"

"how much weight you put on bitch, you lookin big titty party girlish, i can't be sellin you on the street no mo! bitch, bye."

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Big party - what is it?

the fattest girl at a party.

Dude, look at the chick.....she's huge!!!

I know. She's a "Big Party".

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