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What is a lick?

The thing papi does to my pussy

Papi likes licking my pussy

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A lick - what is it?

Female version of "suck it"

guy: whatever you bitch, just go suck it

girl: you can shut the fuck up, and lick it

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What does "a lick" mean?

A short response in the form of a directive to someone who has said or done something irritating.

I am going to bend over now and you can lick it.

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A lick - what does it mean?

The word consists of several definitions:
1. Licked - To get a BJ/gummer
2. Licked - To get intoxicated

3. Licked - To get physically hit or deliver a hit in a violent manner
4. Licked - To steal or to be stolen from

1. "Hey did you hear Frank got licked by that broad"
2. "Bro I was so licked last night after that shot"
3. "Did you see me lick that guy open ice?"
4. "That guy licked 20 bones off me last night"

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A lick - meaning

to be very drunk or heavily under the infulence of drugs

"I'm fucking licked mate"

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A lick - definition

A side hustle or way of making money.

Yeah man, I'm tryna (trying to) catch a lick right now.

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A lick - slang

any instance when you come upon easy money, whether you jack it, hustle it, or barter for it

I can't right now, let me just hit a lick and ill get you your money.

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A lick

it when you move you lips up and down to make sucking noise

stop licking bitch

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A lick

A cliche jazz phrase often used in II-V-I progressions and has become a joke among jazz musicians.

Dude, you quoted "the lick" so many times in your solo!

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A lick

A lick of Lesbians. Three or more lesbians hanging out together. Much like a gaggle of geese or a pack of wolves

Where's suzy tonight?

She's out at the bar, hanging with a lick...

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