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What is the bar?

The thing your momma should have raised before she slept with your dad and had you.

Raise The Bar a little.

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the bar - video

The bar - what is it?

when one says something that the user of the word agrees with similar to true and truth

"Hey I just got it in with that girl across the hall"
"Ayyee that's a bar

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What does "the bar" mean?

Slang term in the East Coast, used to emphasize something that is meant to be taken literal, or when someone makes a statement and they really meant. The term "barred" also refers to the term "bar", which is usually when something spits a cold rhyme with meaning, which can also be used wit the term "barred".

Im so hungry i can eat a fuckin cow b, and thats barred.

Yo, Dominos is better than Pizza Hut, BARRREEEDDD.

Bruh it we take another L, im t'n up on all you mofos, and thats barrred.

Mike: Ready to graduate and gtf.


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The bar - what does it mean?

term in hip hop used for a line break

i have a big pile of cheese/
look at her shes gonna sneeze/

that is two bars

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The bar - meaning

Slang name for a 2mg. XANAX tablet. Derived from its long bar-like shape.

Florida Governor, Jeb Bush's daughter was arrested for calling in a bullshit prescription for XANAX bars.

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The bar - definition

xanax bars, prescription pill, makes you feel drunk, tired, and all you can think bout is pussy.

1. yo lets pop a couple bars, have a couple drinks, and hit up a line.

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The bar - slang

sentences in lyrical hiphop songs
sentences that rhyme with each other

300 bars is 300 sentences that rhyme

i spit 300 bars on yahoo messenger

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The bar

An adjective used to describe someone on an amount of Xanax that is clearly too much for them.
Being "barred" entails slurred speech, believing you are sober, unable to walk right, etc.

Mike: "Dude, Jason got fuckin barred last night."
Jim: "Really? Well, fuck, yeah. I thought the dumbass drank too much."
Mike: "Being barred is fucking cool if you do it right."
Jim: "yep."

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The bar

(verb) A term created by stoners at Carlsbad High School meaning to get grounded, caught, or in trouble in any way

I hit that shit in class yesterday and now I'm barred.

My parents barred me.

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The bar

the bar is god, the bar is everything, the bar is all and all is the bar.
the bar is all knowing. the bar is all barring. the bar could kill a man. the bar could kill a god.

the bar is a play ground equiptment located at louis memorial field in botley oxford it consists of two zip wire seats, the rope! the bar! and the seat. if one is talented enough they can become a bar god. the bar was created by mitch

"you coming to the bar?"
"is that even a question!"

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