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What is Yang Gang?

a phrase that is used when saying something is sexual or intense

Susie- "Me and Johnny went to the movies last night."

Beth- "Yang yang yang!"

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Yang Gang - what is it?

To get Yanged is to become part of the political movement known as the Yang Gang which supports the candidacy of Andrew Yang to become president of the United States.

After watching Andrew Yang's podcast on Joe Rogan, she easily got Yanged.

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What does "Yang Gang" mean?

To ruin a friend's game by talking innapropriately while his girl is around.

I was just about to score with that chick until Joe came up and Yanged me

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Yang Gang - what does it mean?

1. Utter nonsense.
2. Bull-shit

When someone is saying a whole lot of nothing. In other words, when someone is talking a whole lot of shit!

1. Quit that yanging man!
2. You talkin' a whole lotta yang! (shit)

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Yang Gang

Chinese for bling bling, or as the Chinese would say "bring bring".

Perhaps a vagina, perhaps.

Ret me see your ca, I hear it yang yang.

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Yang Gang

Another word for a thousand dollars. Made popular by the followers of Andrew yang, also known as the Yang Gang.

Next month I'm getting paid a yang

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Yang Gang

definition of a perfect human

Omg Yang Yang

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Yang Gang

southern term for "non-sense" or "bullshit".

As used by Outkast in the song, "Git up git out"

I should have listened when my Momma told me that
If you play now you gonna suffer later
Figured she was talking yang-yang so I paid her
No attention and kept missing the point, she tried to poke me with

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Yang Gang

being in the yang gang bang
liking andrew yang and also being in his bang gang

I just joined the yang gang bang

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Yang Gang

Supporters of the Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

I'm a member of the Yang Gang, I want a thousand bucks a month

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