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What is presidential?

High quality, as in the liquor you save only for your best friends.

I keep the Chivas with the Presidential in the back of the cabinet.

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Presidential - what is it?

When a women gives a man a blow job thats fit for the man who runs the whole country!

A blow job fit for a king! Or atleast makes him feel like he is.

A blow job that makes a man feel like he is the most important man in the USA!

A blow job that wakes his game up when he didnt even know his game was sleep!

My girlfriend gave me some PRESIDENTIAL last night that has me ready to go get fitted for a tuxedo!

When I want to go shopping, I give him some PRESIDENTIAL the sky is my limit.

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What does "presidential" mean?

'Presidential' 'adjective: \ˌpre-zΙ™-ˈden(t)-shΙ™l, ˌprez-ˈden(t)-\


1 : exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often exhibited while stumbling through simple tasks with overbearing manner an arrogant official.

2 : showing an offensive attitude of superiority, usage of monosyllabic words, an lack of diplomacy, forethought or intelligence.

"That client was very Presidential today... he's raised the bar to a new level".

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Presidential - what does it mean?

A type of short ponytail resembling that of the founding fathers.

Did you see Jay yesterday? He had the presidential.

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Presidential - meaning

The highest or greatest state of being or effect of an object or substance .Presidential is used when an object or substance is perfect in that it accomplishes the maximum effect that it was created to do.Presidential is normaly in high demand and people with lot of money have it.

I got that Presidential,put it in the air!weed Yo, I just saw ole boy, he was pushin that Presidential!car

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Presidential - definition

The latest term for ghetto or gangster, Originally Created by the Good To Go Crew. Presidential is a term sweeping the nation. It can be used as a positive term or represent a negative term.

1) Dhose Spinners are so Presidential son!

2) Nigga Please! You betta take your presidential ass up out of my face, before I slap you mother fucker.

3)Auuhhh thats soooo presidential.

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Presidential - slang

when you bang a girl and put a lit cigar in her ass

I gave her a presidential.

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NOUN: a sexual act in which, after swallowing the male's ejaculate, the female sucks on his nutsack for a while, then says, "Happy Birthday, Mr. President," in the style of Marilyn Monroe.

"Dude, she gave me the presidential!"
"Nice man, I love a good teabagging."

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when a car is all black, with black , tint. can also be bullet proof.
many rappers ride presidential in order to be safe and stealth

im ridin presidential like the shit that im smoking- young buck

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dank that will make your ass retarded.

daaaaayyyiuuuummmm i just got some presidential shit..........daaaayyyyiummmm.

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