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What is T Shirt Time?

Dangerous when wet

The girl had on a wet t-shirt and all I could think about was what I would do after we got it off.

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T Shirt Time - what is it?

T-Shirt as a verb. To t-shirt something is to like it so much that you would want to wear it on the front of a custom t-shirt. This can be an item, photo/image, or phrase/quote.

James: Did you hear about that politician from Chicago?

Amy: Yeah, I bet they'll t-shirt that guy someday.


He liked his cats so much that he'll be t-shirting their pictures tonight.

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What does "T Shirt Time" mean?

T-Shirt time: When one takes there "freshest" t-shirt and applys to oneself before going out for a night of smoshing.

At T-shirt Time, he went to his room and got his V neck so that he could look fresh.

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T Shirt Time - what does it mean?

T-shirt time is "The shirt before the shirt". This is done by guidos, juiceheads, and gorillas from the jersey shore before hitting up DA club. They do this so their "going out shit" is crisp and rediclusly tight when you get to DA club. Is good for showing off abbs.


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T Shirt Time

Screaming "T-Shirt Time!!!!" implements the start of getting ready to party.

Dude1: What Time is it?
Dude2: T-SHIIIIIIIIRT TIME ! Let's get ready to party!
Dude1: Alright it's T-Shirt Time!!!!

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T Shirt Time

After you pre-game/drink with your tanktop or whatever, you go get a dope t-shirt to wear before you head to the clubs and party. made famous by M.V.P. of jersey shore.

T-SHIRT TIME!! Gotta get a good t-shirt. Promoting a Grenade-Free America!

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T Shirt Time

when its time to take off the wife beater(aka the shirt before the shirt) and put on a fresh t-shirt for going out and creepin

ok..its t-shirt time

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T Shirt Time

The concept made popular by Mike "The Situation", from the popular reality show, "The Jersey Shore".

The concept, as defined by The Situation: "We have an abundance of wife beaters ... we wear before we go out. Then it's T-shirt time. Right before we go out we take off the tank and then we put on our fresh shirt."

Jenny: Yo, you ready to go out yet?

Newton: Not Yet, I still got my wife beater on. It ain't T-Shirt Time yet.

Newton: IT'S T-SHIRT TIME!!!!!!!!!!

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T Shirt Time

(catchphrase)—coined by the boys to indicate the appropiate time to change into party attire.

"Angelina just got into a fight with Mike before t-shirt time."—Vinny. "Hopefully, they don't get into another fight and she'll punch Mike in the face before t-shirt time."—Pauly D

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T Shirt Time

Term used by the cast of "MTV's Jersey Shore" or MVP: Mike Vinny Pauly. T-Shirt Time is when you're sitting in the living room in your white beater or any colored tank top before actually putting on your shirt. In other words... "It's the shirt before the shirt."

"You know what time it is, it's t shirt time."

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