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What is attire?

Black leggings not washed in four days with scgayed knees ,dirty white pit stained tank and camo hoodie

Girl what you wearing know classic quarantine attire

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Attire - what is it?

The type of plain, non-flattering clothing one wears to church. Also can be used to describe the many frumpy uniforms found in the hospitality industry.

person 1: "what's with the christian attire?"

person 2: "it's my uni man... they make us dress like christians."

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What does "attire" mean?

When swanky people dress up for a fun night on the town.

Glamping attire requires, for example, a perfect pair of jeans and killer heels.

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Attire - what does it mean?

Loose and comfortable clothing worn by youngsters when they wanna do the Provo Push. Could be Pajama's, Basketball Shorts, Booty Shorts, Tank Tops, Hoodie's ect...

Tom "Baby Put on your Push Attire and get over here to ride the horse!"

Babe "Done Deal, Natural. I'll be right there!"

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Attire - meaning

Clothes that make you look handsome as fuck; dress pants, dress shirt, tie, and as always your business socks along with some fancy shoes.

Man, yo' suit is fuckin' sexy, that's some classy ass sex attire yo' wearin'.

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Attire - definition

Typically reserved for promoted events' dress code. Means upscale and stylish clothing. IE, no sports wear, saggin' pants, or Jersey shore douchbag shirts, or loud rave like attire. Basically looking like you are educated, have a real job, and actually can dress like a responsible adult looking to have a good time out whether it's a evening event or a daytime pool party.

"Daytime chic attire expected"

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Attire - slang

The clothing that a person wears when using Skype or any other webcam-based communication. It consists of looking great from the waist up, but usually wearing sweat pants or no pants at all.

I put on make up and a nice shirt, my Skype Attire, for the video conference, yet I went completely naked from the waist down. Of course, no one knew because they only see the top half of me!!!!

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Fancy decorative clothing for a mans genitals, usually worn for special occasions. Scrotal attire can be underwear, jewelry, or a weave.

Becky- hey have you found any scrotal attire for the wedding yet?

Mark- yep! I bedazzled my homemade cod piece.

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Noun(fml or rhet) clothes; dress;

wearing formal attire.

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1) clothes which are formal.
2)be dressed in clothes of a specified kind.
3)what is the difference between a well dressed man on a bicycle and a poorly dressed man on a tricycle?
- at'tire'

wear formal attire for the party

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