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What is Salt Lake city?

When two Mormon missionaries back up ass to ass and the senior elder shits into his brother of faith asshole then they continue to pass the chunk of poo back and forth from asshole to asshole like a shity game of tennis til the trud has melted away

Dude elder Smith gave me the salt lake city slider so hardcore last night

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Salt Lake city - what is it?

Salt Lake City is the capitol and largest city in Utah. While famous as the headquarters of the LDS church, Salt Lake is only about 40% mormon.

Salt Lake is one of the few liberal/democratic areas in the predominantly republican state.

Salt Lake is close to the mountains, so the area has great recreation. Many residents ski, snowboard, hike, etc.

I really enjoyed living in Salt Lake. Its a beautiful city with great people. There is always something going on, like free concerts, or drum circles, or festivals. Plus, they have a really nice transportation system, so its easy to get around, even if you dont have a car.

I cant wait to move back to Salt Lake City, UT!

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What does "Salt Lake city" mean?

A sexual act preformed in group sex. This occurs when the male directs multiple women to lay on top of each other so he can proceed to have 'doggie-style' sex with them with minimal transitional effort. The reasoning for including 'Salt Lake City' in the name of the act is mainly because, Salt Lake City, UT has a Mormon population of roughly 60%, thus explaining the polygamy joke.

Alex: Did you ever end out seeing Semen Sippers 5?

Max: Yeah, that guy got Jenna Haze and Lela Star to do the ol' Salt Lake City Stack about twenty minutes in, it was flossy.

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Salt Lake city - what does it mean?

Rhyming slang for titties!

Have a look at those salt lake Cities!

Geez those salt lakes are huge!

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Salt Lake city

Salt lake city is a huge city that is full of weird rude people. Alot of bums and bad roads. A place where the streets dont have names but instead go by numbers followed by north south east west. It takes forever to get from one place to the next..The night life there sucks ass. Utah sucks

I f-ing hate salt lake city people

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Salt Lake city

another definition for salty. to be upset or let down by something.

Person 1: I have to go to work for 12 hours tonight.

Person 2: Salt Lake City

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Salt Lake city

The biggest city in Utah. Besides Reno, it is the only major city in the Great Basin.

"Weed's illegal in Salt Lake City...AND the state of Utah."
"Then I'm not going!"

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Salt Lake city

a city with lots of Mormons and gangsters and it seems like whoever I meet from here is on drugs.

word son, representin salt lake city to the fullest!

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Salt Lake city

A wonderful city in the beautiful state of Utah; known for the abundance in Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints members. Also known for the teenagers that ride fixed gear road bikes (fixie kids). Amazing and majestic mountains and THE GREATEST SNOW ON EARTH!!! Known very well for the amazing ski resorts.
A fantastic place to live!!!

Person1: Where should I move to?
Person2: Salt Lake City, Utah man! It's soo awesome there! It's a really freindly and beautiful place to live!

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Salt Lake city

the capital city of the awkwardly cool state of utah mromons abound here the city has a great university with a rocking party/local music scene. Also as the third highest gays per capita of any capital

dude i totally saw a show in salt lake city last night

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