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What is RWBY?

The most toxic fandom on the internet, home to screaming children and tons of shipping wars.

Oh, you’re part of the RWBY Fandom? Are you as toxic as the other people in it?

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RWBY - what is it?

I great show that you should watch.

Or else..........*eats cookie*

Me: your still not on RWBY......... GO WATCH IT WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE. -_-

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What does "RWBY" mean?

A bad show. Stands for Red White Black and Yellow. It has terrible graphics, its storyline is a mess, and many of the lines are cringy overall.

Me: Im bored, let's watch RWBY
2 hours later
*Pours bleach in eyes*

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RWBY - what does it mean?

RWBY - an anime filled with amazing characters, and plots. RWBY is pronounced "Ruby," which is also the main character surprisingly.

Omg... You haven't seen the newest episode of RWBY YET!?!?!?

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An acronym for four characters in the show RWBY. Made by Rooster Teeth productions. The characters names are Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xio Long.

Have you seen the newest episode of RWBY? It was amazing!

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