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What is Mojave Desert?

n, Usually a place that lacks any type of hospitable environment. Usually, these places are dry and extremely hot, lacking humidity. At night, these places are dry and extremely cold, but still lacking humidity. If found in one without the proper equipment for survival, one should probably contemplate their creator or suicide.

When mentioning the word "desert," only a smacktard thinks of a gun first.

The Sahara Desert
The Gobi Desert
The Barren Desert of the ugly chick's vagina.

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Mojave Desert - what is it?

Someone who leaves a commitment that person has made.
Usually referring to a soldier or spy.

The punishment for being a deserter is death.
renegade, defector, and traitor

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What does "Mojave Desert" mean?

The name for an act of foreplay in which the recieving party turns their blowdryer on full blast while pointing it directly into their partners mouth, causing extreme dryness, making the tongue rather "cat-like". The partner then proceeds to perform oral sex. The acts name derives from its extreme dryness, and to be quite honest. . . the chafing.

"i thought he was gonna go down and get me all wet but he pulled a surprise Mojave Muncher and damn near sanded my clit off! Goddam, i say Goddam!!!"

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Mojave Desert - what does it mean?

When a large, sweaty, naked native american stands above you spreading their ass as you sit on the the ground "indian" style while they clench their ass cheeks on your head and stand up slowly, leaving a smelly, greasy, crusty mohawk behind.

I partied out in the desert and woke up with a Mojave Mohawk.

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Mojave Desert

Desert-like, relating to a desert. Also, dry, not wet.

it hasn't rained in forever! If it doesn't rain soon, the whole town will become desertous!

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Mojave Desert

(As in "mojave expiriment" done by windows.) A girl who is fake and superficial. All the girls hate her, all the guys think she's hot.

Keeton: Wow that chick is so hot.
Kait: Ew. She's so mojave. Seriously she should wipe that stupid bleachy smile off her face.
Keeton: Whatever I think she's hot.

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Mojave Desert

Microsofts next generation operating system. Makes up for the failure of Vista.

Our productivity went up 300% once we upgraded to the new Windows Mojave.

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Mojave Desert

The act or state of being incredibly hard and ready to be falached; used in describing the appearance of a person or their: penis, muscles, tits, clitoris, etc.

Ex 1: God dam girl your making me real mojave right now.
Ex 2: Hot dam, those bitches tits are so mojave.

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Mojave Desert

home of the rutan brothers and is rumored to be a portal to hell

wow the rutans live in mojave but there is a lot of evil around this town

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Mojave Desert

The hottest place on goddamn earth

Hey so I was in the Mojave Desert and it was so fucking hot im sweating after 5 seconds of sitting outside

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