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What is MLGB?

MLGB - Major League Gang Bang.

MLGB your sister

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MLGB - what is it?

My Life's Getting Better

#mlgb Yo MLGB

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What does "MLGB" mean?

Short for my life getting better in English. Also short for ma le ge bi in mandarin, literally meaning (your or others)mom's vagina to express sadness, irritation or disappointment. In some cases two meanings are interchangeable.

I got 2 out of 6 on my final essay. MLGB!
MLGB! I've been waiting this bus for 15 minutes. Damn it!

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MLGB - what does it mean?

The acronym of Ma Le Ge Bi in Chinese, means motherfucker, often used by angry drivers

Driver1: MLGB wo'cao ni'ma (fuck ur mom, motherfucker)
Driver2: Wo'cao ni'daye (fuck ur uncle)

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