Definder - what does the word mean?

What is Illiterate?

Unable to read or write

Meraaj is illiterate

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Illiterate - what is it?

Everyone on the internet and you

Why r ur texts so illiterate, I cnt understand dem

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What does "Illiterate" mean?

Everyone who uses this website.

You bunch of Illiterates.

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Illiterate - what does it mean?

Illiterate: Some one who is ill of mind and doesn't take anything literally

Jon, are you illiterate? There is a silverware fork in the road!

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Illiterate - meaning

An adjective denoting the misuse of a word or phrase in a sentence.

That was so illiterate when he spelled Dominican with three i's.

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Illiterate - definition

An extremely embarrassing word to misspell.

I just love it when grammar nazis misspell illiterate...

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Illiterate - slang

A word that describes 75% of internet users I come across.

Illiterate person: hi my nam is john! and i bite that geme you wer takking abote on that thred! we shud be frends. bcaus we both bite htat geme nd it was fun :DDDDD

Literate person: I won't be your friend because I didn't even understand half of what you just typed.

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A user on a website who lacks the proper literacy skills needed to communicate properly. They spell words with "shorthand" spelling, known as chatspeak. Words are spelled with singly letters, number replace letters in some words.

These people claim that they type that way because it's quicker & easier, which shows tell-tale signs of lazyness. They accuse people who type properly of being elitists.

Man, I'm glad that illiterate is gone. Couldn't he read that this is a Literates room?

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A moron with the approximate education of a fly at best.

Illiterate guy no. 1: Hay hw is evRe1?
Me: Pardon?
Illiterate guy no. 1: uh WTF DUS TAT MEEN?
Me: Sorry, I do not understand.
Illiterate guy no. 1: WTF DUS TAT TINN MEEN!!??????!11111111ONE///
Me: Nevermind.

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Chingy,that crappy lil pop rapper who can't spell!

Right Thurr("there" you stupid motherfucker)!

Holidae Inn(It's Holiday Inn genius)!

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