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What is denoting?

The curious and unpleasant yet unsurprising and common experience of looking up a person's name (perhaps your own) on Urban Dictionary and finding that the results become more and more

A) disgustingly homophobic (gaynotation)
B) shaming of fat people (fatnotation)
C) slut shaming (whorenotation)
D) racist (racenotation)

as you scroll down or go past the first page.

Option A occurs mostly with typically male names. When occurring with typically female names, it tends to be that the definitions are about male homosexuals anyway.

Option B and C occur mostly with typically female names.

Option D occurs mostly with typically male names, for some reason.

1. Francis is "some fag"
3. Sarah is a "dyke" and also a "noun" (Thanks for the clarification! Nothing gets past you, homophobes.)
4. Ashley is "usually a fatass"
5. Karen is a "hoebag"
6. Mario is a "Jew bitch cock"

I just went through a lot of phobic denotation ordeals looking up good examples for you people. I'm too disgusted to look up more.

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Denoting - what is it?

Thee ultimate cornbread recipe that any true homeboy would love.

"Damn, that denotation smells good."

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What does "denoting" mean?

to toke up. Stoned spelt backwards. Smoke dat shit.

lets get denots out of our minds!

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Denoting - what does it mean?

Lets be honest, no one REALLY goes on this site to understand words like suprclafrgcespaldosi oh however thats spelled!
They go here to read something FUNNY while trying to look like they are doing their classwork. What does this word even MEAN!?

"Type an example of how it's used in a sentence..."
"this is Denoting that you've got to type an example of how it's used in a sentence."

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