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What is Girl stop?

To cease do what you are currently doing.

Please stop beating me

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Girl stop - what is it?

1) To cease an activity.

2) A place of interest during travel.

Stop stabbing Michael in the eye with a crayon, young man, you're in third grade now.

Our next stop on the way to Cornhole, Iowa, will be the world's largest ball of twine!

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What does "Girl stop" mean?

A reply to a comment or story thats hard to believe or funny.

He and his wife were checking into rooms at the same time with different people!

Reply: STOP!

I broke my arm when I fell out of bed last night!
Reply: STOP!

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Girl stop - what does it mean?

To cease doing an activity.

James and Brenda stopped dating because James slept with her sister.

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Girl stop

To halt or end (temporarily or permanently).

Stop your car!!!
Stop hitting your brother or else I will stop the car.
Stop hitting your brother or else I will kill you.

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Girl stop

To cease a motion.

You stop moving motherfucker you dropped your wallet.

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Girl stop



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Girl stop

There are enough words here already. There is no need to make more. Nobody cares about your definition.

I need to stop. If I don't I'm a hypocrite.

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Girl stop

When wanting someone to stop right at that moment, having to say it many, many times in order to get them to stop, this is also a well known meme.

"I'm gonna smash your new TV!" "Stop, stop, STOP!"

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Girl stop

thatz a lie

Nicole: U ugly
Me: Girl stop!

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