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What is Frosty?

Getting high whilst being in the Christmas spirit so you talk about Christmas stuff; getting high in the winter;

Dude I got so frosty last night I swore I saw Santa!

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Frosty - what is it?

A word, in certain context, used to describe a person under the influence of marijuana. This word can also be used to describe someone under the influence of a hallucinogen, such as LSD.

A synonym for: baked – blasted – blazed – blitzed – carmelyzed – crossfadedcrunched – crunk – faded – geeked – high – high as a kite – lit – lit up – low – ripped – sketch – skunked – smoked out – stoned – stuck – tall – tweeked – zoned.

Dude, that weed was great. I am frosty as a motherfucker right now.

Lucas: Hey Tommy, how you feeling?
Tommy: I'm so frosty I can't see straight...

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What does "Frosty" mean?

1. A snowman with a jolly, happy soul. He suddenly came to life one day, much to the chagrin of the grown-ups, because someone put a magical silk hat upon his head. Frosty then went to the nearest town to "have some fun" until a traffic cop ordered him to stop. He later melted away, telling the children not to be sad, because he would someday return again.

2. An alcoholic beverage

3. A form of fellatio with a mouthful of ice.

4. A form of milkshake, commonly found at Wendy's restaurants.

5. To add highlights of bleached color to one's hair. If you are in a boyband, this is a mandatory hairstyle.

1. Please see the nursery rhyme

2. Let's go have frosty and build a snowman.

3. "Damn. That was the best frosty I've ever had, Wendy."

4. See above

5. "You have nice, frosty hair Lance. Too bad your music totally sucks."

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Frosty - what does it mean?

Wendys, a long establish fast food restaurant in the 20th century, served this peculiar item. Too thick to drink, and too thin to call ice cream. Since most fast food establishments sold milk shakes, many customer would view the frosty in similar fashion and use a straw to partake. The frosty was so thick that one couldn't slurp it until it had proper time to melt. 20th century afro-american woman are thick as well, and thus, the name began.

Yo, you see that honey in those jeans. Man she thick as a frosty. Yo, her new nickname is frosty.

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When a man pisses outside in sub-zero weather and the head of his pecker ices over.

Dude#1-what the hell are you doing bro?

Dude#2-i just pissed off of the porch and got a frosty

Dude#1-holy fuck man, it's like 10 below!

Dude#2- no shit, help me find a wood chisel bro before i get frostbite!

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to be slightly rude or standoffish, but trying not to make it noticeable.

No she wasn't being mean to be, but she was acting kinda frosty.

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Marijuana that possesses a large quantity of THC resin crystals on the outside of the buds.

Also used as a term among potheads as something cool or great.

Pothead 1: "Yeah dude, check this nug of OG I just picked up."

Pothead 2: "Daaaamn that shits frosty! Roll it up!"

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A common definition for marijuana buds that are are covered in trichomes. So many trichomes, that the bud looks more white than green.

I used my own home made organic soil, and with the right nutrients, my plant yeilded some pretty frosty buds.

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The act of being cooler than "cool." Superior to the word Swag.

Hey, did you see those two guys over there? They are keeping it frosty!

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To be ready, on the edge. Usually associated with the military.

Stay frosty, they've been setting up ambushes on the roads four clicks ahead.

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