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What is Flocka?

Waka Flocka is an American rapper born in Queens, New York and raised in Riverdale, Georgia and Atlanta, Georgia.

Waka Flocka is one of AarΓ³n AmiliΓ‘n's favorite rappers who reversed the slave route and went from up north to down south.

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Flocka meme gif

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Flocka - what is it?

The funniest YouTuber roaster you will come across. A person you don't wanna argue with on the game because you want stand a chance winning because he will embarrasse you in front of yo friends, homeboys, homegirls, the girl you like, yo gf, a type of person who will have those type of people laughin at you if you point yo nuts up to that person's direction

"you are 0 and 4 you are a disgrace how does it feel waking up knowing you a sack of f*ck sh*t"!

"You mad because yo daddy had to take you to prom because no other b*tch would go with you"

"You suck farts through a straw sh*tty breath ass n*gga when you walk in the classroom and open yo mouth the whole class walk out the room yo sh*t stank"!

"Lmao Trae flocka the funniest man alive"

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What does "Flocka" mean?

what you say to a girls mom when they is lunchin.

girls mom: i will talk to her tonight buckdiesel: FLOCKA!!!

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Flocka - what does it mean?

good quality Cocaine.

"Just lettin' you know, got that flocka on deck"; (surrious fiyah.) "Flocka, flocka!"

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Flocka - meaning

Flocka a slang word for weed

Aye G you got that flocka?
Yah my boy I got that flocka!

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Flocka - definition

Another name for marijuana

You tryna light up some flocka before class?

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Flocka - slang

An alternative word for the f-bomb.


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Another Name For A Handgun

"Im Rollin' With The Flocka"

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A male (probably African American) who wears dreads at least 8 inches long. Flockas travel in groups, and will randomly attack an unsuspecting pedestrian for his shirt, shoes, money, and practically anything that they like. A flocka isn't a flocka unless he frequently rides public transportation, and begs for $1 in front of McDonalds. Go-go music and Waka Flocka are the favorite musics of a flocka.

Bill: Hey Bob, where are we going?

Bob: We're headed to the movies.

Bill: Oh, well lets go around the McDonalds. I can see some flockas scoping us out.

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Randomly shouting 'Flocka!' when you hear a song from Waka Flocka Flame.


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