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What is Fifth Grade?

Either a letter, check mark, or numerical percentage, awarded to students to serve as an arbitrary means of evaluating one’s academic performance regarding various scholarly subjects and thus assessing one’s comparative worth against his/her pupils. Grades originated out of social necessity through individuals who were too stupid to recognize whether or not someone had any intellectual value without a universal standard to measure by.

The most stupid example of grades is the minus/plus system, which penalizes the achievers and rewards the slackers.

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Fifth Grade - what is it?

Something that rates the amount of effort and skill you put into a piece of work, typically for school

Below shows how different races generally feel about their grades, in categories Other and Asians.

Grades to Others:
A= Above Average
B= Great!
C= Average
D= Below Average
F= Failure

Grades to Asians:
A= Average
B= Below Average
C= Crappy
D= Death (partially from parents)
F= Fucked (partially from parents)

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What does "Fifth Grade" mean?

1 a fifth of a gallon of liquor aka 26 ounces or two-six and 750mL
2 a gun more specifically refering to a .45

Im off a fifth of that hennessy
Im strapped with my fifth
I got my four fifth

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Fifth Grade - what does it mean?

750 milliters of a liquid, the term is almost always used in reference to hard alcohol. (i.e. gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, triple sec, etc)

I have a fifth of Jack Daniels in the freezer. Its safe because the high alcohol content keeps it from freezing.

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Fifth Grade

A fifth of a gallon of liquor. Technically it is around 757mL, but fifths are sold in bottles containing 750mL.

Terry was sippin' on his fifth of Taaka

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Fifth Grade

A boner that does not let you concentrate on anything but fifth grade fantasies and does nothing but remind you of the fifth grade and confuses everyone around you

person 1:"I have a raging fifth grade boner right now"
person 2"what the fuck are you talking about??"

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Fifth Grade

an overly pretentious way of saying "old fart"

"geez, tihua is such fifth grade flatulence"

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Fifth Grade

A group of prepubescent kids who think they are 30 because they are on top of the elementary school and curse every sentence in public or in secret (cause elementary school is full of snitches) and try to be "swaggy" and also 5th grade patrols are the worst cause they think that just because they stand in a stupid hallway telling people to walk means that they are cooler then everyone else then report people for no reason and boss others around and try to act tough and lie about doing "manly" stuff like playing rated m games and owning a gun cause they think they are all grown up and big people even though they will go to middle school only to get shitstomped by 7th and 8th graders and get beaten up. To any 5th grader going to middle school, have fun getting raped (:

Fifth grade 1: Ah Fuck i hurt my fucking leg! man fuck this stupid blacktop! my fucking knee is hurting! ah shit my asshole shit shit shit!
Fifth grader 2: Damn your cool since you are fucking cursing like that is fucking cool as shit
Fifth grader 3: I am telling the teacher

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Fifth Grade

The grade before middle school when you are ten, think your twenty, if you got to a public school the kids curse publicly and frequently and listen to indie rock and call it normal, if you go to private school kids basically try to ruin your life and they always curse in private, but are snitches and tell on you for touching their laptop.
Also, they think random things are incredibly hilarious.

Public School Boy 1- F*** cheese!
Public School Boy 2- I like pie, ok you a**?

Private School Girl 1- So, what do you think of her?
Private School Girl 2- Shes mean.
1- What do you really think??
2- Well, shes kinda a B****
1- I'm telling, because we are only in fifth grade!

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Fifth Grade

The last sane year of your life.

I wish I was back in fifth grade where we only had one teacher and walked in lines in the hallway and didn't have homework.

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