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What is B.A.C?

Stands for Bitch Ass Crackas

The Flyest White Boys on the block roll with this clique...BUT THEY CANT

That kid wishes he was down with B.A.C

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B.A.C - what is it?

Big Anxiety Chicken

The biggest and the most anxious chicken you'll ever meet.

Supposedly slightly larger than S.M.A.C although this theory was proven incorrect after a reconnaissance mission from Florida to New Jersey.

Don't talk to B.A.C. cause he's waaay to anxious to deal with normal interactions

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What does "B.A.C" mean?

Bitches Are Crazy. 'nuff said

refer to the song by Lil Jon - Bitches Ain't Shit

#1 : fucking ho calls me at 7am, and asks to borrow money...
#2 : fuck that, b.a.c. yo

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B.A.C - what does it mean?

Blood Alcohol Content

Man 1: Dude, did you hear Kenny got busted for a DUI?

Man 2: Yeah, I heard he had a .25 B.A.C.

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B.A.C - meaning

1. shorform for Born Against Christians

" My Favorite band is B.A.C!"

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B.A.C - definition

The acronym for "Badass Chick".

The kind of girl you want to be seen with.
The kind of girl you want to go on adventures with.
The kind of girl you want to be friends with.

Heather: Did you see Taylor last night?

Taylor: Yeah, she's one B.A.C

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