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What is American people?

pronounced (people ing): the ability to tolerate people and their stupidity, as well as your own stupidity in a public setting. To people or engage in the act of peopling is to be able to remain tactful despite a person's obvious stupidity, and/or, lack of social skills.

I'm really bad at peopling today. I just can't people.

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American people - what is it?

things that are dumb enough to try and diet by having three Big Macs, an extra-large set of fries extra salty, a Diet Coke, and a salad. things that are dumb enough to eat it all, talk on a cell phone, navigate a map, and drive down the interstate at the same time. things that are dumb enough to have sex and then blame the doctor for having the kid. things that are dumb enough to pay $3.00 a gallon for gas to drive three blocks while their bike is sittin in the attic collecting dust. things that call drinking eight beers at 3 am and then passing out a "good night's sleep". things that are dumb enough to get their three-year-old GTA San Andreas and leave them alone in the house.

People are so stupid, but hey, who cares?

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What does "American people" mean?

The doom of our planet. Like a virus with shoes.

People have moved into the forrest....bang bang.....crash..where is the forest?

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American people - what does it mean?

basically the worst thing that ever happened to this earth.

exhibit A:I'm going to go buy myself a new SUV next week

exibit B- but didnt you just get this one 2 yrs ago?

exhibit A: yes, but it doesnt have a built in DVD player to entertain my kids because im too lazy to raise them myself.

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American people

If you don't know what they are I suggest you get out more.

People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway --Mother Teresa

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American people

real people, individuals who grew up and/or are currently living in a working class neighborhood, very down-to-earth persons who are very relational towards others

What kind of people live in LA?

People people.

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American people

People who have great passion for things that make no sense. Also the most naive, narcissistic, crazy people. They talked about how racist white people are well being racist about white people.

native american people think only white people are racist.

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American people

SHEEP who don't understand that they are fast becoming the TRUE minority in the United States.

While every other country in the world empties its toilet into the US, the AMERICAN PEOPLE remain oblivious!

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American people

Mostly overwieght and overexcitable. But does have lots of perfectly fine people aswell. Lead by a half wit, their nation is trying to be a dictator of the world. They invent the Kyoto treatie to regulate emmitions and then neglect to sign it on the grounds of "it might harm OUR indusrty". Selfish idiots.

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American people

A mixed up race, from WASPS people, from french from german from italians from africans from indians.

They own the most powerful country in the world, country leaded by a no brain man..

Some of them are really fat some of them really stupid, some of them really nice, some of them really clever, a melting pot...

A way of leading the world which make all over the world hate them.. A strange conception of the word freedom.

HAS TO RECONSIDER His place and his foreign politic

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