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What is 3x?

A guys that has a penis and balls and it’s really big

He has “hershey’s with nuts 3x king sized”

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3x - what is it?

Ur mom is very gay.

Austin: Ur mom gay lol.
Justin: Hey Austin, Ur mom Bigg Gay.
Austin: No U
Justin: Ur mom big gay 3x
Austin: What?
Justin: Ur mom gayzilla
*Austin shoots up the school and dies*

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What does "3x" mean?

A stupid censored version of sex. John, you can write an article about sex but you can't just write the word?

You are here: Home / Relationships / The Reason Why You Should Have $3x With Your Husband Every Night
ULY 18, 2017 BY JOHN

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3x - what does it mean?

Hacker from Montreal who hacked thousands of sites and networks related to racism. Most of the time he used a botnet called "iot_reaper" or "iot_troop" for doing denial of service attacks that he himself developed using the source of the popular mirai botnet.

The creator the iot botnet called "iot_reaper" is 3x

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