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What is zits?

A zit is an annoying, big, red, and usually painful pimple that's on your face. You don't want one. It's zero fun.

Guy that looks in mirror: Oh yikes! I have a huge zit smack in the middle of my face!

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Zits - what is it?

Adj. Form of Zit. To have many zits.

God, have you seen Cherry's face? It's so zitted.

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What does "zits" mean?

little yellow shit balls that rise from 'neath your face.

worst pus ever....

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Zits - what does it mean?

A large pimple.


I got a damn zit right on the tip of my nose!

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an evil red zombie that takes over your face.

AHHH!!! I have a zit!!

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A skin condition that results from having dirt or oil clogging a sweat gland or epidermal pore. These highly irritating, and unsightly formations include many types:

1. White Heads: These result when large amounts of puss build up under the surface of the skin. These are the most common type, and are the most satisfying to pop, as long as you're careful where you're aiming. These are easy to remedy, but most solutions are only temporary.

2. Black Heads: Deeply inground dirt can also clog the skin; however, unlike surface blemishes, these fester more deeply than their lighter colored cousins. They also may produce puss in addition. They are much more painful (and therefore much less fun) to pop. But, once popped, this variety will not return.

3. Ingrown Hairs: These are caused by scaredy-cat ostrich type hairs that don't like the surface, and bury their heads in the ... skin. When mashed, as other types, the hair no longer has a place to bury its head, and has to face the world ... head on.

4. Scar tissue: These are former, washed-up, "used-to-be" puss-geysers that have been dealt with improperly too many times before. THESE HAUNTINGLY FAMILIAR HAS-BEENS WILL NEVER GO AWAY!

That zit on her face is disgusting.

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Function: noun
1: Two pimples that combine to become one large-ass pimple.
2: An insult referring to a person's two pimples, which have combined to become one large-ass pimple.

Whoa, Connie! You've got a zit-zit on your nose, so you'll be called a zit-zit.

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a) lil titties
b) tits in German

Commen here, Helga, lemme squeeze der zits

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Plural of the word zit.
A temporary blemish on the skin, usually caused by dirt and oil. They are filled with pus, and look like ugly bumps.

I gave him some facial cream to reduce his zits.

Her zits were very embarssing and hard to cover up with makeup.

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The best comic there is. Better than Foxtrot. Jeremy is the embodiment of modern adolescence.

You can read Zits in your local newspaper.

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