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What is your dick?

1. Something said to discourage unnecessary boasting about masculinity/macho-ness

2. Instructing one to shut-up/calm the fuck down

Girl: Hey, what's up?
Boy: Just blasted 100 reps of 50kg chest presses. Warm-up done!
Girl: Tuck your dick, fool.

Boy: Bitch, tuck your dick.

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Your dick - what is it?

calm down.

Susan: "yo man! im suuuuper excited to get this shirt."
Jim: "chill your dick, its not that great."

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What does "your dick" mean?

A phrase meaning to do nothing, often with a negative connotation.

The noun equivalent would be a Dick Counter.

Dude, its so nice outside today, why not stop counting your dick and go outside?

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Your dick - what does it mean?

A figurative term meaning to check if someone is being honest. Comes from Riskay 's song "Smell Yo Dick" about checking for infidelity, but has since come into usage in a business setting.

Jimmy: "So we are giving you exclusive access to this special deal for $35k since you are our absolute favorite client."
Peter: "Johnson, can you call up Willy from Cox-Zucker and see what they were offered?"
Jimmy: "Wait, what? You don't trust me?"
Johnson: "Willy confirms an offer of $29k."
Jimmy: "Well I never! That's preposterous!"
Peter: " Sorry buddy, had to go ahead and smell your dick on this one. And it stinks. Well, so much for this deal. Later, Jimmy."

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Your dick

To refrain from flirting with or making sexual advances toward someone in order to maintain an atmosphere of propriety no matter how attractive or suggestive the object of your lust is (i.e., boss' daughter, receptionist/mistress of your top client, MILF of your best friend or girlfriend, etc.). Sexual self control.

On the way to a sales call:

Salesman: "Harry, wait till you see the jugs on the receptionist at Acme."

Sales Manager: "Now, hold on you hornball. If you blow another deal like last time - banging the buyer's wife ..."

Salesman: "...I didn't know she was married!"

Sales Manager: "I'm just saying, we can't afford another screwup, so just holster your dick."

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Your dick

Wait. Plain and simple. Acceptable mixed gender alternative is "hold your donkey". Either way, it's #HYD.

Bruce: Gary, carry my beer to the car.
Gary: Bruce, hold your dick, I'll be right there.

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Your dick

The smallest thing in the world.

That dust particle is a small as your dick!

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Your dick

needs to be at least 80 inches (203.2 centimeters) long for super duty fucking

Right now your dick is (how long it is in both inches and centimeters less than 80) long so fuck off

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Your dick

is very small

"Your Dick is small"

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Your dick

The smallest thing in the world. You could not see it even with a super telescope.

I would kick you in your dick if one could even see it.

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