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What is you would?

Something commonly said to someone if they happen to be knowledgeable on something sad, pathetic, or sick.

Brian: Hey Joe, Why do you play computer games all your life?

Joe: What the fuck are you talking about? It only takes an average of 4026 hours 43 minutes and 7 seconds to get all the max levels on runescape.

Brian: You would know... you would know...

Example 2
Conner:There are so many date rape drugs these days People who use them drugs are just sad because they can't get any.

James: Um...rohypnol, ketamine, burundanga, and rohibitril are the only ones commonly used. Besides they only knock someone out for a max of 24 hours... so don't talk shit about date rapists.

Conner: You would know... you would know...

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You would - what is it?

A common saying said after anyone says anything anywhere.

I'm going to eat right now.

Response: You would say that...

I gotta take a piss, hold up.

Response: You would say that.

I'm going to class.

Response: You would say that...

You would say that wouldn't you?

Response: You would say that.

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What does "you would" mean?

A phrase used when patronizing someone of higher respect.

Your store manager says, "I can get the system for you."
You reply with, "You would do that," or "You would go get the system."

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You would - what does it mean?

You would may be said when a bloke finds a young lady sexually attractive.

Oooh I think you would.

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You would - meaning

A phrase usually meaning "that's so typical of you", but could be used to trick others or counter-trick them, and are good for coming back at "screw you", "I'm going to ... ", or "I swear these people...".

Ex. 1-

Person A: "I freaking flunked that math test."

You: "Because you're an idiot infested with attention issues."

Person A: "Screw you, dude."

You: "You would. Dude."

Ex.2 -

Person B: "I'm going to go to the mall with my friends, and maybe even get some action with my boyfriend. ;)"

You: "You would."

Ex. 3 -

Person C: "I hate people who just judge others just by a one-time chance and hypocrites. Like that new girl Judy, she just went out and snapped at my best friend and never got to know her."

You: *sighs* "You would."

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You would - definition

A super annoying and overused phrase that teens or kids often use to say to somebody. It means "that's expected of you". When it's said too many times, it might not make any sense in the way it is used anymore.

A: "I got an A in all my finals!"
B: You would.

A: "Hi! My name is Bob. What's your name?"
B: "lol you would"
A: "I would what.."

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You would - slang

A phrase used by fucking morons in response to nearly everything. It usually makes no sense in the way it is used, but since the speaker is a fucking idiot, they don't know or care.

A: No, I can't go, I have to work today.

B: You would.

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You would

an extremely anoying phrase meaning "that is very typical of you". commonly seen following the equally agitating expression "but really".it is a well-known fact that you cannot win a logical battle with the "you WOULD" person. the only known comeback to "you WOULD" is "i DID", but does not sufficiently bring down the person. you must emphasize "WOULD" or it loses meaning and sense completely.

person- "omg i totally forgot we had a huge test today!"
idiot- "you WOULD forget we had a huge test today."
person- "i DID forget."
idiot- "but really."

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You would

A counter to a "(insert insult here) says what?".

Asshole: Dumbass says what?
Some Guy: You would.
Asshole: What? Dammit...

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You would

when someone does something fitting of their character

"I got drunk with some old lady last night"
"You would get drunk with some old lady last night"

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