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What is yna?

Seriously? You were this bored, go outside you basement dweller!

...drow yna epyt is "Type any word..." backwards

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Yna - what is it?

- Usually pertains to women with large noses.

- Are usually small with tubby legs, large arms and huge hands.
- These women are always shattering other people's relationship since they tend to take a joke seriously at times. Sometimes these women are the reason why third wheels are spreading. Most women with this name become cosmetic surgeons so that they could model facial attributes the way they wanted.

These women also think that they are the topic of town when in fact they were never really famous at all.

yna nose large cosmetic joke model dentist

- Cries * my boyfriend and I broke up last night.

- What was the reason?

- an Yna broke us up!

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What does "yna" mean?

It is an abbreviation of "You need a spankin"

Sam says "i hit my mom last night
Billy says to sam " Sam your so bad ynas.

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Yna - what does it mean?

Usually used on Vent

Stands for Your Not Alone

I want to end the pain

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Yna - meaning

Young nigga association

Aye brad are u apart of yna

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Yna - definition

You're not alone

Person 1: IDK man I just am going through some tough shit
Person 2: YNA, I'm here for you

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Yna - slang

An abbreviation for the words 'You're not alone'

"I'm feeling a bit sad today..."
"Don't worry, man, yna"

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Usually is an Asian name, mostly used for females. Most people who name their daughters this mostly come off a Filipino show, "Pangako Sa'yo".

Most women with this name are brunettes, they show nice curvy figures, and intelligent minds. They are beautiful from sight, and know what they want in life at times. They are so pretty in heart and in the outside, you'll love em'.

They love jokes, so make em laugh!

"Hey Yna!"

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A good lover, someone who can complete someones need. Someone you won't be able to resist. Irresistible.

You cant say no to a pleasure machine,like yna

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Abbreviation for "you're not alone".

I see your dog died today. Sorry, man. Yna.

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