Definder - what does the word mean?

What is y’all?

A term used by the elusive whitefish, nobody really knows what it means. On the contrary, does the elusive whitefish even exist?

The elusive whitefish: "y’all niggas finna stretch?"

Literally everyone: "bro what?"

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Y’all - what is it?

A response to an irrelevant and clearly stupid comment, disregarding the comment and deeming it not necessary.

@sparklyunicorngirl123: omg!! No BTS in this kpop video?? I want BTS oppars! unu

everyone else: Do y’all hear summ-

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What does "y’all" mean?

A night of shot gunning a porch pack of hey y’all’s will make you shit liquid in the morning.

Bro, the hey y’all shits just hit me so hard, I’ll be 2 minutes.

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Y’all - what does it mean?

this term is used when someone says something that you didn’t want to hear. this is the default when you don’t have a comeback or you want to completely ignore what ever a person said.

person 1: trump is a great president
person 2: y’all hear sum? i sure didn’t.

my ex said he still likes me...y’all hear sum?

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All you all

All y’all are crazy

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Well...c’mon. Everyone knows embryo y’all.

“Why does your bio say “embryo y’all”?”
“Well cmon dude everyone knows embryo y’all!”

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A combination between you and all.

How are y’all doing today?

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A gay Texan slur. Stands for You All Like Loping. Over time has become more a a gay booty call for those bored of riding horses.

Hey Y’all Cowboys? Cause my butt could really use some filling.

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A combination of the words you all

“ Hey y’all whats up!”
“ Are y’all coming over?”

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When you mean all of you

Y’all we got it like that like that

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