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What is would you like to?

A phrase used by fucking morons in response to nearly everything. It usually makes no sense in the way it is used, but since the speaker is a fucking idiot, they don't know or care.

A: No, I can't go, I have to work today.

B: You would.

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Would you like to - what is it?

Asking the question of whether or not one would. Usually referring to someone on television or on the street but can be used in any situation.

Note: Any negative answer can be immediately met with the response "On a plate?".

(Carol Vorderman appears on a television commercial)
"Would You?"
"Bleugh! No! You SICK!"
"Yeah, yeah, you're right... On a plate though?"
"Hmm... yeah, I spose actually"
"You SICK!"

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What does "would you like to" mean?

an extremely anoying phrase meaning "that is very typical of you". commonly seen following the equally agitating expression "but really".it is a well-known fact that you cannot win a logical battle with the "you WOULD" person. the only known comeback to "you WOULD" is "i DID", but does not sufficiently bring down the person. you must emphasize "WOULD" or it loses meaning and sense completely.

person- "omg i totally forgot we had a huge test today!"
idiot- "you WOULD forget we had a huge test today."
person- "i DID forget."
idiot- "but really."

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Would you like to - what does it mean?

A question, usually asked by men, that refers to inquiring of your desire to have sexual intercourse with a female.

Hey, look at that hot girl over there. Would you?

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Would you like to

To confirm that you would have sex with that individual

Example Dale is speaking to Ellis

Dale "You knpow Jennifer Aniston?"

Elis "Yes"

Dale: "You Would like"

Ellis: You know phillip Olivier

Dale: Yes

Ellis:"You would like"

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Would you like to

What the Smile Dip Dog on Gravity Falls says you can say it when someone grinds your gears.


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Would you like to

Usually a pre-requisite to dating. More of the act of going out to a cafe or coffee shop to socialize, rather than specifically going for coffee. Often other beverages are ordered.

Would you like to go out for coffee?

Sure I'd love to!

OMG I'm going out for coffee tonight with this cute guy in my class!

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Would you like to

Asking someone if they would like to take a survey, then kicking them in the nuts.

"Would you like to take a survey?"
(Kick in the nuts)

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Would you like to

Euphamism: "So, would you like sex with me?"

No. No I wouldn't.

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Would you like to

A phrase from Robbie rotten and is used as a meme, often distorted


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