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What is world of hurt?

Something that causes more trouble or problems that the benefits can outweigh.

Blu-ray is just a bag of hurt. It's great to watch the movies, but the licensing of the tech is so complex, we're waiting till things settle down and Blu-ray takes off in the marketplace.

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World of hurt - what is it?

Physical or emotional damage.

I am hoping I can find where to leave my hurt behind.

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What does "world of hurt" mean?

Same as "hurt" which doesn't have a past tense, but some idiots will think it does.

Blonde - "I fell down the stairs, that hurted"
Brunette - "Hurted? No, you mean it hurt"
Blonde - "No, it hurted, because it's in past tense"
Brunette - "Stupid blonde..."

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World of hurt - what does it mean?

When someone you love or loved broke up with you or said something and you cant stop crying, its painful your love/loved them and they turned on you

Im hurting because of him 💔😭

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World of hurt

a person, object, place, etc. that is most likely ugly or extremely unattractive or in the case of an object or place is dilapidated (ie. lacking funds to improve)

Your school is hurt!
That guy is hurt.

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World of hurt

pronounced: HER-Teng.

1. Used to describe a situation, a person, a place that is currently in poor form or performance. Emphasizes the horrible nature of a situation or the poor overall appearance of a person.

2. Used to describe a massive failure.

a) Yeah my job is hurting right now... I have to come in at 5 a.m.
b) Those girls over there are hurting--I'm going to need to drink more.
c) The beach was hurting today--it was too cloudy to enjoy the sloots.

a) The Redskins preseason game against Carolina was hurting.
b) My Committed Cost Report was hurting--we didn't bill enough this month.

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World of hurt

When someone hurts you emotionally. It can be physically but if you really in your feels and you wanna let someone know that you're really hurt you just say it hurted

Int:" One Direction is never getting back together..."
Me *lays in bed and thinks while staring into an abyss*:" That shit HuRtEd"

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World of hurt

in great need, in distress

She was hurting after the incident with her adviser.

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World of hurt

Hurtful is an adjective and means causing distress or injury to someone’s feelings; causing pain or suffering, especially of a psychological nature; it can also mean harmful to living things.

“She’s such a nasty cow, she only opens her gob to make a hurtful remark!”

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World of hurt

To suffer inexplicable pain of some sort. This pain isn't necessarily physical, however. The usage of the word "world" doesn't always implicate a great length of time that the pain will exist, but rather the magnitude of the pain.

I spent my first year of college drinking and failing classes. Now Daddy won't pay my tuition, and I have to go to community college. I'm in a world of hurt!

Dad: Son, did you go outside without my permission again?
Son: (lying) No, Mom said--
Dad: *removes belt* You're about to be in a world of hurt!
Son: *starts crying even though he hasn't been hit yet*
Dad: Why are you crying? I haven't even hit you yet! But don't worry, i'm about to give you something to cry about.

...Not that that actually happened or anything...

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