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What is without?

A 4-peice alternative/punk band from Oceanside Ca, heavily influenced by Unwritten Law and Blink 182.

They've played a bunch of local shows including the Carlsbad "battle of the Bands" as well as appearing at the So*Cal Rock revolution, and side stage at Soma. They can go by the abbreviation WxWx.

They are of the best local bands in Northern San Diego and THE BEST band from ECHS

Example 1
Freind - Hey wanna go to without warnings show tonight?
Me - F*** yeah dude, lets go

Example 2
girl 1 - OMGosshh whats your favorite WxWx song
girl 2 - Duhhh, California for sure

Example 3
Jerk - Dude, WxWx sux
everyone around him- STFU

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Without - what is it?

without a shadow of a doubt, shorter way of saying overused britsh cliché. First heard it at school.

She's fit
Yeah, without shadow.

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What does "without" mean?

noun. a rock trio consisting of three gentlemen who enjoy writing creative, original songs

Did you hear the debut album from "Without Witness"? I found it on iTunes.

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Without - what does it mean?

Reservation itself is to either hold back or not feel worthy or maybe to feel as if you or your need is a burden or to have conflicted feelings.(More feelings of RESERVATION include: (doubt, reluctance, skepticism, qualms, scruples, demur, hesitance) So, when you are "without reservations" these "feelings" do not pertain to you.

"I finally feel now without reservation to go to the lake house with my boyfriend this summer".

"I can now accept compliments without reservation"

" I very much so admire my plumbers work now without reservations"

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A popular song by Eminem taken from his album The Eminem Show with a really catchy chorus and saxophone riff. The video for the song won Video of the Year, Best Male Video, Best Rap Video, and Best Direction at the MTV Music Awards. It was also included on is compilation album Curtain Call: The Hits.

"nobody listens to techno!"

"you heard without me by eminem? it's funny as hell"

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Back in the day when people still made sculptures, some artists made mistakes. To correct these mistakes when making a sculpture of stone, they would use a colored wax to fill in the mistake. A truly great sculpture was described as being "without wax." This term went on to be used for anything that was authentic or flawless. It is also the root of the word sincerely. Sin - without and Cera - wax. Also a smooth compliment to give to a beautiful and intelligent woman (dumb women would get confused by the sculpture reference) or a smooth way to end a letter to prove your sincerity.

I love you babe.
-without wax

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An alternate way of saying ruthless. Means that a person is being harsh or unforgiving. Can be Said after a friend has chosen not to laugh at a joke.

Charles: "a dyslexic man walked into a bra!"
Jake: (stares at charles, stony faced)
Charles: "oh man, You are totally without ruth!)

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A reservation made on a statement or offer that it is not an admission or cannot otherwise be used against the issuing party in future dealings or litigation with any determinative legal effect.

A statement set onto a written document such as a letter, which qualifies the signatory as exempt from the content to the extent that it may be interpreted as containing admissions or other interpretations which could later be used against him or her; or as otherwise affecting any legal rights of the principal of, or the person signing.

John: "I really want to tell my boss to go fuck himself, but I'm afraid of the legal consequences."
Al: "Don't worry, as long as you mention that your statement is 'Without Prejudice', he cannot use your words against you."

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The amazing feeling of freedom and happiness you get when you're finally rid of that one thing you detest. It's the complete feeling of liberty and resolve after being surpressed and chained.

After years of battling the terrible disease, she no longer needed to worry as the feeling of withoutness was freeing and liberating.

Once he left the home forever, withoutness set in and it was wonderful!

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not using protection

"she finally agreed to do it without"

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