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What is wishing well?

The act surprising a recipient by peeing in their anus following anal intercourse

I got the schmilkers wishing well last night.

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Wishing well - what is it?

While sitting on a toilet, you spread your legs and watch yourself poop in the reflection of the toilet water.

Mike: Do you ever watch yourself poop in the reflection of the toilet water?

Fred: Oh, you mean a Carl's Wishing Well?

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What does "wishing well" mean?

Debbie's Wishing Well, is when you have sexual intercoarse with one who has hole in thier neck due to smoking (like Debbie)

The girl had a hole in her neck, so I stuck my D in there and performed a Debbie's wishing well on her.

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Wishing well - what does it mean?

During sex when the male is about to ejaculate he inserts several coins of varying sizes into their partners rectum and then seals them in with his semen

Oh man Josh and I got really freaky last night! He gave me a Wisconsin Wishing Well!

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Wishing well - meaning

A large cocktail made from all the bodily fluids that one human body has produced. When ingested, it summons Kolgorathnokterranonklus, Great God of Immoral wishes. Once he appears, you may petition him to grant your most "unconventional" wish (e.g. sex with a cousin, eradication of the banana minority, etc.). Beware, though, for the granting of this wish will come with no unintended consequences--except the occasional appearance of a small child's face on one's elbows.

I used a Tennessee Wishing Well to become god-king of Palestine the other day.

Hey man, can i drink from your Tennessee Wishing Well?

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Wishing well - definition

When you spit inside of someone's gaping butthole

He pulled out and finished her off that good ol' Vietnamese wishing well

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Wishing well - slang

When a man and a woman engage in anal sex and the man pulls out, flips a coin in the gaping hole and makes a wish.

You are banging your girlfriend in the ass, pull out, notice the gaping hole, grab a quarter, aim, flip it in and wish her tits were 2 cups bigger.

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Wishing well

The act of sodomizing a woman until the sphincter loosens to a nice sized gape. Once the anus is properly gaped, pull penis or object from gaping hole and drop a quarter inside while making a wish.

After finally getting my girlfriend to try doing anal with me, I gave her a wishing well. She didn't break up with me, looks like I wasted a quarter.

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Wishing well

When you are having anal sex with your girlfriend, pull your penis out, flip a coin into her anus before it slams shut and make a wish.

I had sex with my girl last night and gave her "The Wishing Well". My wish cam true... she didnt defacate on me.

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Wishing well

A plea for help made by Juice WRLD before he passed in this verklempt, beautiful, piece of artwork in his posthumous album, Legends Never Die.

I tossed my pain with my wishes in a Wishing Well

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