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What is winks?

Used at the end of a sentence to show you are only joking.

Person 1: "Hey hows your sister?"
Person 2: "err.. fine why?"
Person 1: "cos I gave it to her good last night"
Person 2: "Dude that's wrong, shes only 14"
Person 1: "Just how I like them"... :wink:
Person 2: "Ah :wink:, you had me there... bastard."

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winks meme gif

winks - video

Winks - what is it?

a game played by UUs that was made up by Quakers. This game consists of wrestling, tackling, kicking, cuddling, screaming and climbing over people on a mountain of pillows and sleeping bags. the game ends with a kiss. The game can become very violent, so its required to take out all jewelry and to know when to scream for help. This is the best game in the world

"who wants to play wink?"
"everybody get their sleeping bags and take off all your jewelry."

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What does "winks" mean?

Is allso used as *hint*.

So what do ya say? *wink* *wink*

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Winks - what does it mean?

after too much anal sex the sphincter goes into a spasm not unlike winking

Always winking never blinking

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Winks - meaning

When 2 or more people make love. (Fuck)

I can't believe me and Ashley wink winked last night.

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Winks - definition

a cute hi to say hello...or another way to break the silence in a chat

wink wink.. how are you?

wink wink... im bored

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Winks - slang

The wink wink is used to gesture something sexual to your significant other. Usually used when speaking in code/ around parents.

Tom:Let's do the wink wink on the kitchen table tonight
Sally: *winks*

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A term used by slut faced whores who are trying to steal your man. Often used in a sexual way.

We need to talk Friday night. WINK WINK

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Wink wink...figuratively or literally u wink mb even an invisible nod meaning I know you u know me and ur secret is safe with me without saying a word even if you don't like each other same as the stoners creed

"Wink wink" yes we know each other and yes we don't like each other fact is we know the stoners creed ur secrets are safe with me

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getting sum sleep, normally very little

im going bak 2 my place 2 get sum winks

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