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What is wiggers?

fake ass guetto people who like to say fa shizzle but fo real they are fugly mofos
that should die cause they are not black and even if they were, i would kill them anywho. i hate all people that arent white except for asians and mexicans, because at least they act there color and arent as stupid

faggots, wiggers, niggers, stupid people, bitchs, wussies

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Wiggers - what is it?

A derogatory term against black people, but is used to be directed toward white people offensively. The word wigger comes from the word nigger. Most people associate the word wigger with white people "acting'-or-'dressing black". Being black is a skin color, not a course of action or choice of clothing. There is no such thing as dressing "ghetto" you either live in one or you don't. So all you racist assholes please find a cliff to jump off of. Stop abusing this site to put your racist views forward.

There are no such things as niggers or wiggers.

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What does "wiggers" mean?

white people that want to be black and claim they r from da ghetto, hav an ak, and shoot people but hav never bin 2 da ghetto,
if u talk gangsta slang, drees gangsta style, rap but u r not black u r not a wigger

white kid: yo nigga sup, im black beeach
real nigga: fuck u fool, u wack, go to the syko doc.

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Wiggers - what does it mean?

White ppl dressing, talking and listening to afican american music. think their from East or Westside which they probly never even been to but only know from watching gangster movies.

we da wiggers crew fellas, go gonna bust som cap up som sorry ass whitey yo!

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Wiggers - meaning

skinny white niggers; seen mostly in malls and parking lots. known to hang around with ugly fat white chicks. dresses like a fool.

vanilla ice, snow, m&m ect.

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Wiggers - definition

A group of caucasian people who want to be african american.

"Oh, damn it. There's the wigger crew again." - Person who sees the wigger posse
"Damn wiggers!" - His friend

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Wiggers - slang

a person (usually white but on occasion can be asian) who thinks they are a nigger or a person of african american descent. Usually raised in surberban america or general upper class. Usualy they refer to their neighborhoods as "ghetto". They usually refer to themselves as parts of famos gangs (bloods, crips, ms13), even though the bloods dont live out there. Also, wiggers can be heard calling themselves from different coasts and flash the exact same general gang sign, even though they live in total opposite sides of the country or city. But wiggstaz (wigger gangbangers) can sometimes be deadly. When their not shooting neighborhood cats with realistic looking pellet guns or mugging local elementary schoolers for their lunch money, they can be seen posing with their "guns" and extra large teeshirts with dead rappers on them. Overall, wiggers are harmless creatures who can be scared easily.

wiggers: yo my hommies i be hanging with my niggaz (another wigger) and my white bitches (aka a playboy he found behind a dumpster). 2pac, may he rest in peace, be watchn me yo doggie dawg!

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Wigger is an insult for white people who try to be black but are far from 'urban'. A common made mistake is the wigger - whigger mistake:
wigger: wannabe nigger(an insult)
whigger:white nigger(someone who would be mistaked for a nigger if you couldn't see him, whigger is also an insult if someone from the kkk says it)

wigger - nigger:
Yo nigga wazz da dizzle fo' chizzle? You bitchass wigger don't talk to me.

wigger - kkk:
Yo nigga wazz da dizzle fo' chizzle? You niggerloving motherfucker after we burned you you'll burn in hell.

wigger - white dude:
Yo nigga wazz da dizzle fo' chizzle? Talk normal i don't understeand you.

conclusion: nobody likes wiggers

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Wannabe nigger
white person who think hes black

Eminem aint a wigger, he's just a white rapper

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a white nigga

a white person who thinks they are black.

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