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What is why don't you?

An idiom used to tell someone to get the fuck out.
Popularized by Doc, the old bar owner in The Boondock Saints, during the scene leading up to the bar fight with the Russian Mafia. Doc, who suffers from tourettes, commonly stutters and, therefore, mixes sayings (such as "People in glass houses sink ships"). Doc, who wants the Russian Mafia to gtfo, tells asks: "Well why don't you make like a tree then, and get the fuck out!"

NOTE: In order to sound authentic the quote must me said in an Irish accent

Nic:"You're such a douchebag."
Dan: "Well why don't you make like a tree then, and get the fuck out!"

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Why don't you - what is it?

Used generally as a method of dismissal.

Sally: "Hey 'sup dude what you up to?"
Bob: "Sally, Why don't you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself?"

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What does "why don't you" mean?

A full-spectrum insult. Said at anytime and anyone to a silly remark.

1. A: I think Facebook friends are phoney.

B: Why don't you stay at home more often?

2. Chairperson: any more questions?
B: Yes: The speaker failed to tell us the real secret behind his vacuous smile.
Speaker: Yes I did. Why don't you stay at home more often? Do you want me to repeat that? Oright: WDY-SAHMO?

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Why don't you - what does it mean?

A phrase spoken with an Irish or Scottish accent, meaning, be a man and get it done.

Guy1: I don't think i can do it.

Irishman: Why don't you grow a sack and do it, Laddie?

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Why don't you - meaning

A more defiant way of saying fuck off, typically used for emphasis or to sound like the smartass you're saying it to.

Smartass: Well uh, I know that that actually isn't true because—
Pissed Guy: Why don't you fuck right off!?

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Why don't you - definition

An appropriate alternative to any suggestion whatsoever.

"Hey, we were going to get Chinese food. Want to come along?"
"Why don't you just make a pizza?"

"The United States need to send more, better armed troops to Iraq in order to win the peace and keep America's interests in the Middle East."
"Why don't you just make a pizza?"

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Why don't you - slang

The proper response to any question in the form of: "Why don't you (do something you don't want to do)?"

Jane: "Why don't you mow the lawn instead of playing video games?"

Dick: "Why don't you go fuck yourself?"

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Why don't you

The dreaded words that Chris Hansen will tell you when you go into the house hoping to hook up with an underage girl.

I walked into the house
"hey did you bring the stuff I asked for?"
"Smirnoff Ice and strawberry condoms, you bet."
"ok let me just get changed"
I go into the kitchen and see Chris Hansen
"why don't you take a seat"

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Why don't you

The command used by Chris Hansen, of Dateline NBC, before publicly humiliating and destroying would be child molestors on national television. No matter how much the child molestor wants to run, for reasons unknown to man, he cannot leave and always takes a seat.

Chris Hansen: Why don't you have a seat?
Child Molestor: Oh shit! I swear I wasn't going to do anything with that 13 year old boy. I have to go now!
Chris Hansen: Why don't you have a seat right over there.
Child Molestor can't help himself, and has a seat.

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Why don't you

A generalized comeback when someone suggests for you to do something. Especially when said something is:
a) obvious
b) your job but you'd rather it not be

Most effectively used when your friend is right but you don't want to give them the gratification of admitting as much.

Friend1: "I really like this girl but I don't know what to do."
Friend2: "Why don't you just ask her out?"
Friend1: "Why don't you?"

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