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What is whoever?

fuck you

Whoever's reading this is a massive bellend and they eat fucking scrotums

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Whoever - what is it?

n. An effective Covid-19 contact tracing method, that became popular after Trump Campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, who sat right next to an incessantly flatulent Rudy Giuliani during a 2020 election hearing at Michigan, contracted the coronavirus a few days after Giuliani tested positive for the same. The broadcast of the hearing shows how Rudy kept farting time and again throughout the entire hearing process and Ellis, who sat right next to him, mask-less, kept on smelling those obnoxious farts the entire time. Several sources now claim that the experts have ascertained this lethal exposure to the deadly gas leakage as the very source of Ellis’s covid infection.

It seems that it was Rudy who gave Jenna covid, not the White House party, because as you know, whoever smelled it, dealt it.

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What does "whoever" mean?

An unfinished sentence on a vine made by an angry teacher after one of his students throws a paper airplane across the room, then proceeds to insult the anonymous student’s mother by calling her a hoe

β€œI sAiD wHoEvEr tHrEw tHaT pApEr, yO mOmS a hOe”

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Whoever - what does it mean?

A rhyming phrase used to accuse the person who first brought up the subject of someone in the room having farted as being the culprit themselves.

Bob: Guys, who farted?
Tom: Whoever smelt it dealt it.

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Whoever - meaning

i wrote it. . . . . . . . . . . .

k? ? ???? / /dfv sv b

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Whoever - definition

whoever wrote that tom streep is the hottest kid at medford memorial is so going to get fucked up!!!!!

whoever wrote it about tom

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