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What is whoever?

fuck you

Whoever's reading this is a massive bellend and they eat fucking scrotums

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Whoever - what is it?

An unfinished sentence on a vine made by an angry teacher after one of his students throws a paper airplane across the room, then proceeds to insult the anonymous student’s mother by calling her a hoe

I sAiD wHoEvEr tHrEw tHaT pApEr, yO mOmS a hOe

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What does "whoever" mean?

A rhyming phrase used to accuse the person who first brought up the subject of someone in the room having farted as being the culprit themselves.

Bob: Guys, who farted?
Tom: Whoever smelt it dealt it.

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Whoever - what does it mean?

i wrote it. . . . . . . . . . . .

k? ? ???? / /dfv sv b

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Whoever - meaning

whoever wrote that tom streep is the hottest kid at medford memorial is so going to get fucked up!!!!!

whoever wrote it about tom

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