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What is white wall?

A Straight up beast mode white boy who plays the game of basketball. A white wall holds the skills of shooting, blocking, stealing, rebounding and dunking on all the other players. While in the act of shooting a white wall J's it up.

Jaquan: ( In the act of shooting the basketball)
White Wall: ( Blocks Ball with violent force)
White Wall: "Get that stuff outta here"
Jaquan: "I didn't know you whities had game"

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white wall - video

White wall - what is it?

Random mind blanks. This is caused from excessive use of drugs.

I was walking through Wal Mart and I didn't know where I was, I had wicked white wall.

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What does "white wall" mean?

1) To hit a bong causing it to fill competely with smoke forming a "white wall" inside the chamber

2) To get really really high from a bong

Dude, I was so white walling lastnigh, I don't remember ayone doing a backflip.

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White wall - what does it mean?

Tires where the whole front of the tire is white, some of the cleanest looking tires to roll on, slap them on some gold d's and your good

"I put gold Daytonas on that Cherry Six Fo' White walls so clean its like Im ridin on bulbs" ---the game

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White wall - meaning

The white area of skin exposed after a haircut, particularly a bad haircut that is too short.

After getting tan all summer and letting my hair grow out, I had a bad case of white walls after my buzz cut.

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White wall - definition

When someone takes up your entire screen with messages causing their to be a wall of white.

"Yo my bitch just send me a white wall, I gotta deal with this."

"Yo my dad sent me a white wall I think its an emergency"

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White wall - slang

To delete many or even all past facebook posts in an effort to maintain a reasonable reputation

Jason: Yo you really think they're gonna hire you if they see your facebook page?
Jim: They wont find anything, I'm white walling that shit right now

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White wall

The act of bleaching your ass hole in preparation for weird butt stuff. Primarily done by porn stars and the wealthy elite.

"Nothing makes me feel more rich and white than white walling my ass hole." "I hope that bitch is white walled for the weird butt stuff."

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White wall

Word used to describe a clean painted wall or a new wall; usaually used by graffit artists

Yo, down the street I saw a white wall that I'm gonna bomb.

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White wall

the act of blowin a load on the wall and promptly slaming the face of ur partner into the jizzz!!!!!!!

after a great bj my girl wouldnt "play catch" so i was forced to give her a whitewall

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