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What is what’s up?

To show approval of a person's achievement.

"You got accepted to Harvard? That's what's up, dude."

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What’s up - what is it?

1. A casual greeting or conversation starter, somewhat of a rhetorical question.
Usually followed by something like "Not much, you?," "Nothing much," or even answered with a "Hey man, how's it going?"
syn: How's it going? What is new?

2. syn. What can i do for you?, What would you like? What's on your mind?

1. Person #1: Hey There! What's up?
Person #2: Oh not much. What's up with you?

2. Person #1: Hey come here for a second, I have to ask you something.
Person #2: Ok, what's up?

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What does "what’s up" mean?

When you want to see if she is feeling it or nah.

When you want to see if a girl is feeling it, you ask her " what up with it?"

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What’s up - what does it mean?

What is happening wiht you, How are you, whats going on?
Something that LouAnn doesnt understand.

Usual response: Nothin Much
**Do not reply 'HI' or with another 'Whats Up'**

A common phrase that most people understand & use each day.

Carl: Hey Dude
Mark: Hey Whats up?
Carl: nothin much
Mark: Cool

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What’s up - meaning

An excuse for your friends to be dickwad punsters when you just want to hang out.

A-Hey what's up?
B-The sky!! hehehehe
A-Fuck you, Thomas

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What’s up - definition

How is it goin?

What up DaWg

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What’s up - slang

One of the funniest series of sketches Saturday Night Live have ever made.
Seriously search "Whats up with that snl" on Youtube

Kenan Thompson "Ooooh yeah, Whats up up with that, whats up with that"

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What’s up

Meaning that you fully understand and/or agree and find yourself excited about the idea or suggestion proposed.

Friend 1: "Yeah so I'm thinking we chill before, and then hit the club by 9. Got mad beer at the crib anyway"
Friend 2: "That's what's up"

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What’s up

A phrase used to ask about something odd, or what the point of something is. The word "that" can also be replaced with whatever noun the person is asking about. It is also common to inerject the word "fuck" into the phrase to express shock or discust.

What's up with the smirk?
Look at all those bags on the road. What's up with that?

Person1: What the fuck's up with your hand!?
Person2: Ahh! Why are you just standing there?! Take me to the fucking hospital!

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What’s up

Whats up with me and you. When are you gonna let me get some.

Boy: Ayo, Whats up with the whats up?
Girl: Fuck outta here, I got a man. No Single Ladies shit.
Boy: ....Fraud.

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