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What is whack off?

Noun to describe the process of masturbating

Woogie was whacking off his chode over an asshole

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Whack off - what is it?

A drug term used in New Zealand, meaning "messed up on drugs."

Oh man, we were whacked off last night!

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What does "whack off" mean?

To down your drink.

I'll just whack off my pint, then I'm going home to whack off.

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Whack off - what does it mean?

Can mean one of two things:

1) To stroke a penis, either by masturbation or by doing it for someone else
2) To kill someone in Maphia lingo

For definition 1: "I'm whacking off right now.", "Your sister whacked me off last night."

For definition 2: "If I find out Lenny's wearing a wire, you're gonna whack him off.", "I'm going to whack you off if you don't whack off Lenny."

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Whack off - meaning

being married to your right hand; something that computer nerds can barely get.

I whacked off the other day on my computer and is was all over me.

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Whack off - definition

to have sex with Pamela Handerson

I fucked her good last night, Pamela Handerson that is.

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Whack off - slang

my favorite pasttime, next to sleeping

i like to whack off several times a day, it feels so good

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Whack off

The gift that keeps on giving!
Making love to yourself.

If I whack off with both hands, that's a perfect ten.

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Whack off

to mastrubate, jack off

Dude, I am going to whack off in the corner

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Whack off

To whack off means to beat your meat forcefully.

When I've got morning wood I whack off!

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