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What is weights?

blame, responsiblity

who's gonna take the weight -Ganstarr

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Weights - what is it?

Breaks the the "I" before "E" rule

The word weight break the "I" before "E" except after "C" rule

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What does "weights" mean?

Often referred to as 'sinkers' in Australia, weight is what you put on your fishing line when you go fishing.

Hey Jark, have you got any weights?

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Weights - what does it mean?

1. The measurement of the amount of mass of an object has.
2. Term used to describe large shipments of drugs, usually illegal

1. Did you get the hight and weight of the criminal?
2. There's a pretty good amount of weight waiting to be picked up down by the dock.

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The process of doing some other exercise in the gym while waiting for the person who is working out with the equipment you intend to use to finish.

Sweaty fat dude is on the leg curl machine again.. must commence to weighting.

I've been weighting forever for the curlbros to finish with the squat rack.

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Full of, possessing, or characterised by weight; weighty.

I want to get of these weightful thoughts.

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Adjective. Used to describe someone who has recently put on a significant amount of weight since the last time you have seen them.

Damn, have you seen Mel lately? She got hella weighted!

Dan is a chubby chaser, he always goes after the weighted girls.

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1. used to describe street status or hierarchy, were one person or group sits compared to another.
2. any large amount of something of street value I.e. guns, drugs, cash, rims, cars, hoes.
3. cocaine
4. used to express that one has a high amount of street credit or status.

1. Don't fuck with, me I got more wieght than you will ever have.
2. my boys got all kinds of weight what you need?
4. You: hell no i ain't going out there man i got rivals.
Me: dont worry bout dat, i got weight we go where the fuck we want.

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a street term meaning cocaine. mainly used by dealers or people that deal with large amounts of cocaine

sold the glock, bought some weight
Laid back, I got some money to make - Notorious BIG

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A set of digital scales, used for weighing drugs.

I brought my weights, because they didn't have any.

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